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A Huge Happy Birthday to my brilliant partner in comedy crime for 20 yrs, ⁦@DebraMessing⁩. Love ya, Deb. ❤️? #Will&Grace

Fiona has raised awareness and interest in hippos. She’s an ambassador for her species! Interest in the Nile hippo and protecting its habitat in Africa benefits all species, many critically endangered, that share their ecosystem. #TeamFiona

If you’re in the NYC area TONIGHT, do not miss @HOGwrestling! The card is stacked and sure to deliver great professional wrestling and some surprises! Who’s going to step up and answer the open invitation and challenge me for my @IMPACTWRESTLING World Title? Find out TONIGHT!!

Help name Europe's #ExoMars rover! Anyone from an ESA Member State can enter to name Europe's robot that will roam around and search for life on the Red Planet. Details:…

في مثل هذا اليوم من عام 1994، ظهر زين الدين زيدان لأول مرة بقميص المنتخب الفرنسي. دخل من مقاعد البدلاء وسجّل هدفين تعادلت بهم فرنسا 2-2 في مباراة ودية ضد جمهورية التشيك. وُلد ليكون نجماً ?? ⭐️✌️

الدموع : وشُعورك بِ الحاجه .. اقسى من البرد والجوع / ربي لستُ احتاجُ سِوآك .. ف لا تحرمني عفوك ورضآك ..~