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Newly published!! Named after renowned @drmortkern whose legacy will live on many, many years. @MHIF_Heart #valvesciencecenter #innovation @esbrilakis @JoaoLCavalcante @akcmahi @mjlimmd @NavinKapur4 @klig42

When’s the last time two Houston teams got the cover of @SInow twice in the same month?? Must be fun times here in October... #TakeItBack🔥🤘🏼 #Rockets🚀

The Swiss Biophysicist and Nobel laureate Jacques Dubochet had been cycling to his lab at Lausanne university for the last 30 years. When they asked him he wanted from them for winning the Nobel prize, he replied: "a parking space for my bike!"

Apple is going after Facebook and Google authentication. They're launching something called "Sign in with Apple." You can opt to obscure the actual email address and have a random one generated for each login. #WWDC19 More details: