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Today as Ranking Member of the Appropriations Committee I met with fellow members and @NASA Administrator @JimBridenstine to discuss pivotal funding of the United States' #space exploration and return to the moon. I strongly support the accelerated 2024 goal. @HouseAppropsGOP

Naia Butler-Craig is a 1st year PhD student at Georgia Institute of Technology, studying Aerospace Engineering. She is a graduate research assistant & a GEM (Graduate Edu for Minorities) Fellow. She is a member of the High-Power Electric Propulsion Laboratory @ Georgia Tech.

I had a constructive meeting with @JY_LeDrian today at the Barzani HQ. The Foreign Minister and I discussed the recent events in Syria and spoke of the crucial role of the Kurds in defeating the threat of the terrorists of the Islamic State and how that fact cannot be ignored.

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Gareth Thomas has spoken out about living with HIV. Jonathan Van Ness has spoken out about living with HIV. HIV remains one of the most stigmatised health conditions. But more and more people are learning about the realities of HIV in 2019. Change is coming #CantPassItOn