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Joe wants to help as many people as possible and has recently given a few copies of #BirdTherapy to community groups, mental health organisations and libraries. He would like to give some more away this weekend! You can nominate by replying to this tweet. Please RT 😊

We are deeply saddened to hear that Fernando Ricksen has lost his courageous battle with Motor Neurone Disease. #MND   Fernando’s bravery in sharing both his shocking diagnosis and his life with MND has been inspirational.

12,000 years ago the Natufians were the first humans to build settlements, the first to claim ownership of land. True natives. 12000 years ago they built the settlement that became #Syria's #Aleppo. This was over 10,000 years before nomadic Israelite tribes invaded the levant.

As revealed at last, the artist for THE RISE OF KYLO REN is my good friend @WillSliney ! We’ve been working hard to make this book sing, and I can tell you this: Will’s art will break your heart. 💔 Cover for #1 below, by @Clayton_Crain. AMAZING. See you on 12/18! #frombentoren

Statue of Sushrut is installed in Big Surgery College of Australia & title is given 'Father of Surgery'. But if Statue of Dhanvantari or Sushrut is installed in Bharat then we would be called backward & old thinking people. We must feel proud on our great Gulture & Ancestors.