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Here's the user-to-user graph for 13,412 tweets containing the word "Antifa" from the past 48 hrs. @repblumenauer & @tedwheeler are there b/c people are mentioning them in tweets. The network is dominated by right wing influencers. Andy Ngo & Trump are central nodes. #PDXData

Here’s Rick Santorum. He’s been paying a company to get his pics completely removed from the internet. Be a shame if people were to copy this one and tweet it out again

I have not been on Twitter for a long time but I just want to put out my own little tribute to the Gaffa. Just so people can understand a bit about him and how much I thought of him x

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount: 📝 Been loaned out 5 times. 🔙 Back together at the club they joined as kids. 👨‍💼 Playing under hero Frank Lampard. 💥 Both scoring in a win for @ChelseaFC 👏 Dreams come true.

Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal | Pepe Is Going To Cause Serious Problems In This League! (DT)… #AFC #AFTV

So, whenever someone shares an OpEd from NYT about India, I am always reminded of these cartoons and their India ‘love’. Also before you rush to label me intolerant I do read most of their views to reconfirm ‘their understanding’ of India’s left of left.

4 years have passed since you were taken. Not a day goes by without you in our thoughts. You are gone, but you will never be forgotten. #MG1 #JS11 #Together 💙