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More evidence of the complex culture of butchering human remains at Gough’s Cave in Somerset at the end of the last glacial period. Note the fine flint blade cut marks where flesh was removed @NHM_London

16 October 1941 | Father Józef Jankowski, a Pallottin, was killed at the German #Auschwitz camp. He died as a result of beating by a capo, criminal prisoner Heinrich Krott. In 1999 Jankowski was beatified by the Pope John Paul II.

I am proud to be announcing that next year I will be playing for Coach Hamilton and his staff at Florida State University. To all the coaches, mentors, teachers, and family members that have molded and helped me to get to this point in my journey thank you!

Hoff-Mania in Berlin! 30 Years Of Freedom! #TheHoff #DavidHasselhoff #DontHasselTheHoff #OpenYourEyes #Music #Tour #Germany #Berlin #80s #90s #Rock #30Years #LookingForFreedom