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Thank you all for tuning into the premiere of Right on Time! You guys asked for it, so it's happening. Next week, Thomas meets Richard for the first time and it doesn't quite go as you'd expect...

Here we go! #AbsaPremiership action LIVE right now on @supersporttv Look at this world class in studio team. ✨⚽️ @SiyaNkosi10 @markfish74 @Masandawana @orlandopirates @OfficialPSL 👌🏾

To the assholes that have sent messages claiming I'm actually SO FUCKING DESPERATE FOR FOLLOWERS that I would MAKE SHIT UP ABOUT SOLDIERS AND SUICIDE......Here's a pic of my SON 2nd back from the left!!!! FUCK YOU!!!! #EnoughIsEnough

Nairobi right now. But still beautiful! Photos by Mian Taqeel Khan, @mwarv and @aguycalledwordz