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Nightwing - Throwback Thursday Dick Grayson from March 2019 #bara #blitzturner #gaycomics #gayart #gaypinups #muscleart #gaymuscle #gaymer

DREAMS. VISIONS. COMING TRUE AND HOW! That’s my face on a Times Square Billboard 😱 Big thank you to @spotify & @spotifyindia for supporting #Control and making this happen, & thank you to all of you for giving my first English single so much love. Time for India to shine! 🇮🇳❤️✨

This sheep escaped a farm and spent 6 years in the mountains, during which time he grew 60 pounds of wool. Wolves tried to eat him, but their teeth could not penetrate the floof. You don't have to turn hard to survive the wolves, just be really, really soft and fluffy.

My name's Nadia and I sell Islamic-themed products and perfumes. * Rainbow Qur'an * Moon lamp Qur'an * Qur'an holders and boxes * Qur'an pen reader * luxury praying mat * Back-rest praying mat * Islamic books * Translated Qur'an * Tasbeeh * Perfumes * Musk (Al-Miski) Please RT

"I never had to ask a man-" Have you ever had a man you can ask? Come on now. Let's be cool.