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Everybody in New Orleans my family has a coffee shop in Gentilly and starting next month God willing Sugar Deaux cookies will be available there. Please like and RT to get the word out! 💕 Coffee House New Orleans 1522 Robert E. Lee New Orleans, LA 70122

The annual #Arctic sea ice extent minimum has likely passed. This season was the *2nd lowest* on record [using the JAXA ADS data set]. However, it was statistically similar to 2007 and 2016. I will be sharing more information this week summarizing the melt season as a whole.

I hope you keep smiling. #JK @BTS_twt Thank you so much for all the ppl who always being nice and caring abt me. Your support means a lot. I’ll rest a bit but see you soon! Ily.

We're sad to hear that Sigmund Jähn, first German in space, passed away yesterday, aged 82 @ESA_de @ESA_EAC…