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Not an #AprilFoolsDay Joke: after 17 days at @nyulangone, including 6 days on a ventilator, I’m being discharged! Here’s my final hospital bed selfie. #coronavirus #COVID19 #coronaboy #LatsCovid19Journal

‘95 Nebraska is the most dominant team in college football history. #1 in scoring offense #4 in scoring defense 38.6 average win margin Beat four teams in the final top-10 Gave up 0 sacks Punted only 5 times and allowed just 12 punt return yards all season

A Nature paper shows that there is active replication of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the upper respiratory tract of a group of German patients and suggests that patients may ‘shed’ the virus at high levels during the first week of symptoms. #COVID19

Prof Wangari Maathai on a stretcher [ I was assisting others wheel her either into, or out of, court]. She and a few others had been severely beaten by police a few days earlier- still had to ‘appear’ in Court! We shall never forget her sacrifice. ##WangariMaathai80