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I have never sent a tweet to the goes The girl in this photo is now "missing" & the @realDonaldTrump administration will not reveal her name, location or if she is safe. @RedCross or @amnestyusa should see her Please RT this @realDonaldTrump - WHERE IS THIS GIRL???

As our National Security Strategy states, “Economic security is national security.” Only an economically strong America can fulfill its commitments to its allies, and deter aggressors from imperiling the global good. #SelectUSASummit

Trump Administration is detaining babies and toddlers in “tender age shelters” who may never be reunited with their parents. Babies. Babies. You have brought shame to the nation. We are better than this.

. Dear Twitter: You allow Activists to call for Caging & Sexual Assault on #POTUS's son. Progressives can tweet "Death Wishes" for the1st Family. OK for the MSM to tweet "The White House is a Den of Nazis & Incest." AND SO, I Demand CRUCIFIXION of ALL Malevolent Progressives?

Conservative Ivan Duque beats communist candidate to become the next President of Colombia. The people of Colombia made the right choice by rejecting communism! ????