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If you thought New Henry looked familiar, it’s not just because his little brother played Younger Henry. His sister, Madison, played Sophia, Carol’s daughter on #TWD as well! Let’s give it up for the original Lintz - Madison!

The best way to finish last @FIAWEC race of 2018. Awesome win by the #95 crew. Congrats to the whole @AMR_Official team. #winners #vantage #gte #astonmartin

Then the hospital caught fire. The team quickly relocated the patients 100 yards away to the hospital’s helipad. Eventually authorities cleared a path to safety, so they loaded up the victims & drove out in a caravan. Everyone made it out safely. Photo: Jim Wilson/NYT @jwnyt

Today, #ESA's Science Programme Committee has decided to extend the operation of 10 scientific missions in our #science fleet up to 2022 ? Details:…

I wanted to give some love to powerful young minds! After @kherispoppin was bullied in 1st grade, her older sister tweeted a picture of her and hashtagged #FlexinInHerComplexion. It inspired so many people she made it a brand making her NY Fashion Week’s youngest designer EVER!

SYDNEY. Emotionally exhausted from these shows!! Your energy is out of control!! I can’t believe there’s 3 shows left of this tour ?