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لاعبونا يؤدون مران اليوم استعدادًا لمباراة الداخلية للاستمرار بالصدارة. ???

Great day on Friday with @princestrust on @cunardline ship Queen Victoria seeing what amazing opportunities there are for young people on board! #YouthCanDoIt

Shep Smith: Trump "insulted the murder victim and sided with the Saudis"

Knowing that GPU's aren't used to mine Bitcoin is basic blockchain tech knowledge. If a idiotic mistake like this can get past @Bloomberg's editors/fact checkers it's either too incompetent to be reporting on Bitcoin, or dishonestly making up #FakeNews

SAKURA MIYAWAKI (Japan), BEYONCE (USA), PARK SHIN-HYE (South Korea) -- All Official Nominees for the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018 -- NOMINATIONS NOW OPEN ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL! ( Also, see the nominees on our Instagram - (

California skies are shrouded in smoke as the #CampFire continues to rage. The fire has been fueled by dry conditions & Santa Ana winds. Our @NASAEarth satellite captured this image on Nov. 14—actively burning fires are shown as red points.