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Makerere University has been the theatre in recent days of violence and the EU Heads of Mission to UG, together with those of Iceland & Norway & with many other close partners of Uganda, have been following the event with apprehension. We just issued a statement. It is attached.

In ONE WEEK, #DarkWaters will be out in theaters in LA and NY. Have you grabbed your ticket yet?

Marie Kondo opening an online shop that sells dumb crap you don’t need is my favorite heel turn of 2019.

In Dagenham this morning what an incredible team of candidates. Don’t believe the polls - huge appetite for honest politics and change. #takeachanceonchange🌟 ⁦@ASCphiled⁩ ⁦@elthambrexit_SK⁩ ⁦@QiCatherineCui1⁩ ⁦@EmmaJStockdale⁩ ⁦@Samir_Alsoodani⁩

Fuck it. I'm going to give away another book. RT this & follow me for a chance to win. You need to like at least one of the following: Hares Witchcraft Wronged 300 year-old women Dystopian forest robots Goats Cats Spooky trees Earth magic Buildings PS You get a hare bookmark too!

I was reading random things on the internet last night and stumbled upon some things about Albert Einstein's wife. Some people say she was as brilliant as Einstein, if not better. But what happened to her? Thread.

After publicly criticizing rappers in a tone deaf interview last year, Miley is back to making hip-hop-indebted music for her next album