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@RainDownFire @tagruber @tammyonthetrain @GodFirstGina @EthanHamilt @JouMoore @Sporty_1969 @RodHillis1 @MaryRuth2912 @GordonMacCalla Thank God for Vets/Soldiers. We live free because of their bravery. I know a few that will back me on this. @MLaridious @yellowribbon2 @ROHLL5 @BigErnie2020, @11ForTexas, @KimberlyM1M @MeltingInMarana @jdbstormtrooper and @1JohnEBravo,

Krishna had two mothers - Devaki who gave birth to him and Yashodha whose love has inspired poets. Today we celebrate the love of all mothers, especially those who may not have given birth to their child but have given unconditional love. Art by Ritoparna Hazra #HappyJanmashtami