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Positivity is infectious. Spread it everywhere you can today, this weekend, this week, through the Holidays and into the New Year! ☀️💐😊 #fridaynight #positivity #IAM #mindset #Health #JoyTRAIN

Meet @Mheuerman9 and his beloved 🐕 Hank. Mike was a promising #NotreDame TE who got hooked on opioids following 6 surgeries. He’s 2 years sober in Dec and about to graduate. His story, his advice:…

Today I had the honour of presenting our local team with red tape and to smudge. They want to help in anyway to end racism in hockey. This was their first step. #redtapemovement

the independent: hey! we notice you're using an adblocker. that's a hard no-no i'm afraid. sorry! but we gots bills to pay! you understand (: just turn the blocker off and you can have all the news (: easy (: (: me: *sigh* ok if it means i get to read the news the independent:

For 12 years, Dad and I remembered my mum on 14 December, the day she died. Swanky dinner and lots of booze: Rules was his favourite. Carrying on the tradition without him, and a photo of when they met as cruise ship crew. The best parents.