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This is my 93 year old Mom. She was shot by the Nazis in 1945 and was left partially paralyzed. She’s had two hip replacements. A month ago, she broke her tailbone. Today she came home, where she will continue to live on her own. Her strength humbles me beyond words.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hi Twitter! I created a series of images titled #thebronzelady We kept begging the market women to allow us shoot, they forced us to buy pepper and onion which we later used to cook dinner🤗 Model IG: @veraOfure Please let's trend this. Retweet and tag any influencer you know.

Antifa chants " No borders, No wall, No USA at all. " Democrats are endorsing them and their violence. They are a paid terrorist group funded by George Soros. George Soros also funded the KKK, & Black Lives Matter. Take a Look at how Democrats don’t condemn or comment on Antifa

Someone got an early copy of Sword and Shield and used this stream overlay while playing it Now almost every Pokemon thread on /v/ has pictures of Rika everywhere