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ขอบคุณ #สมุนจ้าวป่า ที่มารับ #SingtoPrachaya ในวันนี้ เดินทางกลับบ้านกันดีๆนะคะ ?

Pleased to receive Archbishop Bashar Warda and Mor Nicodemos Daoud Matti Sharaf today in Erbil. I stressed that Christians are, and will remain, an integral part of our community. I commend their contribution to building and protecting the Kurdistan Region.

Moncler's new adv campaign shot by Craig McDean featuring 19 individuals from all walks of life and every age, ethnicity and origin, united by one claim: BEYOND #MONCLERBEYOND


Adıyaman, Artvin, Bayburt (2), Çorum, Giresun, Ordu (5), Mardin, Niğde, Samsun, Sivas, Şırnak, Zonguldak. Bugün karne günü. 100 günde 12 şehirde 16 okula 17 kütüphane kurarak tamamladık dönemi. Toplam 22 okul, 12 bin kitap oldu. 2. dönem hedefimiz 50 okul. Dayanışma ile yaparız.

رسمياً .. أنهت إدارة نادي ⁧#النصر⁩ إجراءات انتقال لاعب دفاع منتخب البيرو كريستيان راموس والذي يلعب لنادي تيبرونس دي فيراكروز المكسيكي حيث تم التوقيع معه لمدة أربع سنوات بشرط اجتيازه الفحص الطبي قبل انضمامه للتدريبات .

"While China conducts unilateral exercises in the East China Sea aimed at threatening & intimidating neighbors, 25 nations work together at #RIMPAC 2018. Like-minded nations who value a free, open #IndoPacific improve cooperation, ensuring prosperity for all." -ADM Phil Davidson

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