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President and Mrs. Thrasher welcomed President Masisi of the Republic of Botswana and his family to FSU Thursday. Masisi, an @fsueducation alumnus, was on campus to visit with faculty and students to discuss education initiatives. ????

またまた東京ドームへ⚾️ 今日の試合も大興奮でした⚾️⚾️ 平嶋なっちゃんがタオル全然うまく振り回せてなくて可愛かったw そして私、この前の10cmに続きまた5cm切ったので、小学生ぶりの髪の短さになりました?‍♀️?‍♀️

Happy 50th Birthday to my Brother ⁦⁦@VanJones68⁩ It was a well deserved amazing celebration for a man of and for the People !!! ✊?? Thank You ⁦@FeliciaHorowitz⁩ ❤️ and ⁦@bhorowitz⁩ ?????

900,000 subscribers on YouTube with 15,000,000 monthly views... 100,000 followers on Twitch with 2,600 subscribers... Nearly 180k on Twitter and 20k on the brand new Instagram... Life is WILD. Thank you all so much for the nonstop support. The rest of this year is gonna be WILD.