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Find it really hard to see why this person sitting by herself - about as socially distanced as it is possible to be - is getting a talking to from the police. This is likely her only outside space.

Bill Gates is setting up factories to manufacture 7 leading vaccine candidates before we know which is best & safest; we can test the vaccines in parallel, and then throw away all but the factory for the best vaccine. May save many months. Just extraordinary.

tomorrow night at 8pm we will be live on twitch playing fifa 20 pro clubs, band edition! we’ve recruited our mates @nightcafeband, @thesnuts, @retrovideoclub, @parisyouthband, @weareswimschool and @avaeraband 100% of any donations will go to @HelpMusiciansUK #SuperSunday ⚽️

-Is it the spot sir Raikoh? -Nghh yeah right at the point...! Oof..! Where did you learn this? -My boy actually, and he said he learnt it at a SPA in human world. -The one that got a "happy ending"? -You know about it? -Kind of...... so are we gonna do it?

My Grandad is 93 and currently in isolation of course - but is in very good health ☺️ - and he has recieved the most beautiful letter from his 5 year old neighbor and he wrote back to her 😢❤ Just please read, it should make you smile.🌼

Omg, THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! #TheLayover is getting published by @PutnamBooks and I am in tears. I'm so freaking grateful to @clairefriedman8 & @CharacterShrink for championing this book & to you guys in the #WritingCommunity for getting me through this process. I ❤️ u 4 real!!