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Hear my music on #Spotify 👉🏽… #Music #NewMusic #Spotify

Always nice to join the goalies on training camp during a session! Great to be back in the goal for a moment and also advice @AndreyOnana, Bruno Varela, Dominik Kotarski & Kjell Scherpen a bit. Still love for the gloves! 🧤♥️ #ForTheFuture #MidSeason 🔋

R.I.P Kobe, his daughter & all those that lost their lives on that helicopter. My heartfelt prayers for all the grieving families 🙏🙏#Gonetoosoon #RIP

CONFIRMED: Universal Basic Income trials are in the Labour manifesto for the 2019 general election. If you want to see Basic Income trials implemented in Britain then vote Labour on December 12th. This is our moment.