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YES, WE ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS! We scored 111.7 points on efficiency and 93.1 points for practicality, resulting in the first place with a total score of 103.9! With Stella Era, we are officially the winners of the Cruiser Class! #BWSC19 #pushingthelimits

Another milestone in human space exploration is officially complete!👩‍🚀🌟👩‍🚀 @Astro_Christina & @Astro_Jessica just wrapped up the first ever #AllWomenSpacewalk. The spacewalkers spent 7 hours & 17 minutes working outside of the @Space_Station to replace a failed power unit.

FB: Be sure to pick up a copy of this week's Sports Illustrated magazine. We think you'll recognize one of the "Faces in the Crowd" .... our own QB1 Roland Rivers III.