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A study by Loughborough University confirms what we knew to be true. The establishment media ran epic levels of pro-Tory, anti-Labour coverage throughout the campaign. This is not democracy.…

Absolute joy to consecrate the new Bishops of Reading and Dover! Bishop Olivia and Bishop Rose, it’s a privilege to be serving alongside you. Be assured of our prayers in all you do to share the love, hope and good news of Jesus Christ.

Is this what the current occupant of the White House meant when he told @GretaThunberg to chill out and stay calm. He is nothing more than the leader of these angry clowns and his advice is definitely one that our children should ignore.

I woke up feeling nothing and I still felt love. ❤️ We agree with @emiliaclarke, we are so proud of what we are making, we are so proud of who we will help and we are hell bent on making that happen. Link in bio for clothing. #thisiswhatbraininjurylookslike #hope #sustainable

I'm telling you: democratic socialism has a generational momentum of its own. Corbyn's main achievement was to pry open the Labour Party, reinvigorate its young membership, and expand the political horizon. A new generation of activists will now have to take the struggle forward.