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✍️ @TonyBellew, our new columnist. In his first piece, he talks about the fight dilemmas he now faces, Tyson Fury and the difference in mind games between boxing and football. Read:

1 of the most profound honors I’ve had was to be able to call Mandela my friend/brother. On what would’ve been his 100th bday I hope we're reminded of not only his legacy, but how we can further the mission that he set to accomplish. ❤️ compassion & hope for all. Miss U always

350 tickets reserved for people with no tickets. it’s a free show and people tryna sell tickets for $1,000. not on my watch. first come first serve. go to the box office now.

T-minus 6 hours before the Mage Tower Artifact Appearances are no longer available on the NA servers.…

When safe drinking water is not available, it is women and girls who spend hundreds of hours collecting and processing water ? often foregoing opportunities to go to school or take on paid employment. #HLPF