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NYT somehow omitted a key fact from its big “exclusive”: even the alleged victim does not corroborate their BS story.

The coach knows what he has to do. Sorry for this misunderstanding. I was angry because of my game and did not help my team. Now let’s focus on the champions league game. We need your help and your support 🙏🏿💙#thegloryisblue

Mika a little neglected gamergirl OC of mine ♥ experimenting a bit with colors 🎮🥡

Uyavumelana nami that I’m credible, ayt?🔥Performing at the #RoyalHeritageFestival at 17:20, I hope you got your ticket! Venda, STAND UP🙌🏾

🇪🇷 - Eritrean ITT Championships We have a winner!! 🏆 @AmanuelGerezgh1 is the new Eritrean Time Trial Champion!!! 🖐🏼 #BicyclesChangeLives