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I have taken down this tweet. Relatives and one of the victims confirmed that there’s no police involvement in the process that lead to their release. Got the info first from NAN, mins later some n’papers carried it, too bad👮🏾‍♂️was trying to take credit. I apologize for sharing it.

Songs That Are Always On In Background Expected To Win Big At Grammys #GRAMMYs

All praise to the most high Saturday first goals at New York stadium, looking to build on that tomorrow 🙏🏾🧟‍♂️

THREAD: How the Thomas the Tank Engine characters voted in the EU referendum. THOMAS: Remain. Really likes the BBC's Brexitcast podcast and recommends it to everybody.

Who needs healin'? Super Lewd #Witch #Mercy is now available in ⏪Rewind Time Tier⏪ on ▶️…◀️ If you missed my previous month rewards you can still find them until November 30 ❤️ after that, #LEWDMAS HUGE BUNDLE will come!🥰 #Overwatch #Lewdcosplay