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I've been to Hungary, and learned how a state broadcaster became a government mouthpiece. The state of the BBC in this election. The government is suppressing a report detailing Russian interference in British democracy, and this is how the BBC is splashing on the Tory NHS leak.

My new story is about a con artist who claimed to be: a fighter pilot shot down over Laos a college football star an airline executive a Homeland Security agent and a trustworthy witness. His testimony helped send four men to Florida's death row.…

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Acquisitions Inc. is tonight! The new episode—"It's Always Sunny in Avernus"—finds the gang aboard the war machine of the REAL Jim Darkmagic, who spent his time in hell becoming a lich. What could go wrong? Join us at 8:30 PM (EST) at PAX or on Twitch. #DnD #PAXUnplugged

After a year of work our paper on evaluating performance of historical climate models is finally out! We found that 14 of 17 the climate projections released between 1970 and 2001 effectively matched observations after they were published.… 1/19