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Pixel Art exists because of nostalgia is the single biggest and widespread misconception about #pixelart. Pixelartists have their own ideas, values and philosophy about creating their artwork with pixels. The reasoning can be explained completely without it.

did this watercolour this morning & it felt so good to be creating through a different medium 🌌

Not good enough from us today! Need to reflect on this and make sure we come out of this form asap. Let’s stick together🙏🏾🍒

About 2 months ago I got this message from my mom. I didn’t understand it back then but now that I completely do, I am sharing it cause this changed my whole perspective of love. This kept me going. This changed me. 🥺💖

Today on a very special episode of Lucky Dog... A double merle bred dog that was born blind and deaf gets trained by the power of touch. This is one of the most unique episodes of Lucky Dog ever. I look forward to your comments. Enjoy.