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Check out how the @MailOnline covers #KateMiddleton and #MeghanMarkle. This is just disgusting. And it speaks to why readers and viewers —particular of color- view the press as biased. #DailyMail #TabloidJournalism #HarryAndMeghan

Remember when I should do a warm up to get started? Took me all day to get this done. Today was plagued with diversions. Past 3 days really. Anyways here @fuckKevon chillin' in space.

@KenRoth Neoliberal regime-change lobbyist Ken Roth, director of billionaire oligarch-funded HRW, is openly supporting the far-right military coup in Bolivia. He is spreading right-wing propaganda depicting elected president Evo as the aggressor The "Human Rights" industry in a nutshell

My 4-day visit to #Paris started yesterday with a warm welcome by @EmmanuelMacron. Looking forward to the discussions at the #ParisPeaceForum, #UNESCO and #GovTechSummit on #AI, #eGovernment and #technological #disruption. Also honoured to give a graduation speech @ENA_fr

❤️ #RIPMICHAELJACKSON ❤️ 🌹Sunrise 🖤 August 29th,1958 🌹Sunset 🖤 June 25th,2009 DEAR MICHAEL,WE LOVE YOU & WE MISS YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS— THANK YOU FOR YOUR MUSIC‼️🙏🏼❤️😘🎵🎶 #HonorMJ #MichaelJackson #10YearsWithoutMichaelJackson