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Yesterday #CSMIA T1 station of @MumbaiMetro3 achieved 💯% completion of #BaseSlab. I am sure team #MMRC, #JkumarCRTG & #MAPLE GC wl strive hard to achieve remaining milestones as well. This's part of #packg6.Other 2 stations in dis packg #SaharRoad & #CSMIA T2 too r progressing.

Quite striking..: Conservatives only a little higher than 2017. reminder that May failed not because she failed in strategy to unite Brexit/right, but because it caused unprecedented equal reaction on opposite side. Not in 2019 Net net half Labour’s vote share loss went to LDs

now it’s time for an international giveaway! 🖤✨ to win this fairyloot 2020 reading journal: - RT & follow - ends tue 17 dec @ 12pm AEDT

´Fucketyfucketyfuckfuckfuck´ by Annie Taylor from PEG - the Profanity Embroidery Group, Whitstable, UK, known for their stitching and swearing #womensart

WWWWWWWWDWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWDWDWDDWW Liverpool make it 3️⃣4️⃣ #PL matches unbeaten, the third-longest run in the history of the competition

MAXIMUS UPDATE Langford vets in Bristol have rang, his heart scan was normal, but there is a shadow around/near the heart. This now means a mass/growth near the heart is likely, but we will know more at 4pm today. We will know if it is something that we can treat. 🙏💖 #maximus