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THE GO-TO GUY FOR TOWNSHIP ENTREPRENEURS Bulelani Balabala is the Founder of Township Entrepreneurs Alliance known as TEA. They have been operating for 4years and have impacted 28000+ township entrepreneurs through their business workshop & mentorship platform #JoinUsForTEA

Student upset that a college photographer published a picture of her splayed on the ground in tussle with police argues she didn’t go to the protest to get in the paper. Maybe next time she wants to protest something in a public place she should consider it’s in ... public

If you’re having a ruff day... meet Kalo! 🐶 He’s a military working dog (and a VERY good boy!) who will be dropping tonight’s puck as part of Military Appreciation Knight 🤩

Huge thank-you to the 40-60 local residents and cycling community members who attended the candlelight vigil for the unknown man killed while cycling his bike this morning. We came together as a shared community in shock at this devastating news.

redraw of an older pic from a few years back. nothing gay abt walkin your friend home with your arm around him probably