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GERDA YOU BEAUTY!!!!! 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦SHE SMASHED IT!!! 2.27.48 AND @nycmarathon Olympic Qualifier ✔️ 4 minute PB ✔️ What a way to top the SA sporting weekend!! 🎉 @gerdarun @SPORTATSABC #ProudlySouthAfrican #phenominal #Olympics2020

It's dangerous to take a shower with me, I get so thirsty and just drink the water nonstop! @Zuelansi here is experiencing that first hand! By @dhewolf

I'm a 1st gen Pell grantee. I had 5 pubs last year, & so far, 11 this year. I shared this w/ my students during our lab meeting today and was shook b/c I felt Lucille Clifton's words in my spirit at that moment.

Hey, @zoho, it's been called to my attention that this antisemitic coward @jp_santillan handles your PR for Latin America. Are you aware of his aggressive stance against the Jewish faith and Jewish people in general? Eagerly awaiting for your response… cc @TwitterSafety

At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, World War One came to an end. Today marks 101 years since that day. It is also Veterans Day. #RemembranceDay #VeteransDay Visit Remembrance Island in Fortnite now to learn more:…

We're giving away a Vita and you could be the winner! To enter: follow us & RT this tweet. We'll draw a winner on 11/30. In addition, for every 1,000 retweets this gets, we will add a Limited Run Vita game to the grand prize. We've got over 100 of them, so keep the RT's coming!

I'm excited to be endorsed by @DSA_SF! As a democratic socialist, I'm here to 💥 dismantle mass incarceration 💥 ensure climate justice 💥 establish universal healthcare 💥 make public college free 💥 end corporate rule 💥 shrink the Pentagon 💥 defend democracy 💥 support labor