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Brian Cashman, along with 200+ leaders in business, sports, and entertainment, participated in last night's @CovenantHouse Executive Sleep Out at Yankee Stadium to raise money and awareness for young people overcoming homelessness in New York City and throughout the country.

Tess Daly is 50. Katie Hopkins is 44. Isn't it mad what hatred can do to you?

summer is very definitely over. no more fun summer dresses! boooooooo

Visiting the Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre in beautiful Tadoussac, Québec, and watching whales - especially belugas! Thank you for your hospitality and the work you do!

Sorry if you're sick of these posts. But our firefighters are exhausted. They're being sent to hospital with broken bones, collapsing with heat exhaustion from fighting these fires and going days without sleep. They deserve more recognition. They're fighting in literal hell.