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? Agust D was the first mixtape from a @BTS_twt member to appear on Billboard's Top Album Sales chart on March 3rd, 2018. ? A mixtape that had been available for free for over 1.5 years did that. #2YearsWithAgustD

?Onursal Başkanımız Av. Taner Kılıç, serbest bırakıldı ve 400 günden fazla süredir onu bekleyen ailesine kavuştu. İnsan haklarını savunmak suç değildir!

@TigerWoods will have to carry this over to about 7-8 months from now. I am sure Tiger will be selected for @RyderCupUSA team—and he should be! As for others chosen, I don't know but USA will have a very good team. As will @RyderCupEurope! These should be great @rydercup matches!