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Domestic unity, cohesion and determination are urgently necessary to build resilience against narrow partisan interests, foreign interference and/or criminal elements which actively seek to hinder Iraq’s stability.

Wow! I got it! The International @Space_Station, orbiting Earth at 17,500mph, transits the full moon this evening, as seen from near Paynes Prairie Preserve in Florida. The window to capture this transit lasted a mere *0.58 seconds.* #SpotTheStation

I want to make a new start on this account. I will share mythological stories that make up our history, and some fantastic literature. RT this and let people interested in find this account. I would appreciate it if you could follow and support us.

i feel like half the @DrawfeeShow fans have already drawn this scene, but im rly soft for ryjinah and had to throw this into the void. #drawga #drawfee