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Back in the studio with @AdamAnders recording with another amazing guest for my Christmas album! Another very good friend!!!! (Can you guess!!??) 🎄❤️

“He was an acquaintance,” Dershowitz says about Epstein. “We didn’t have a close, personal relationship.”… That's funny because Dershowitz told me a *very* different story in 2002.

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS FESTIVAL 🌤️ AUGUST 17TH 🆕 2nd stage announced ft. @whoskid @manilakilla @joshpan @y2k2y @_Qrion_ @deb_never @DonKrez_ & Park Hye Jin Limited GA tickets available at!

I want to congratulate the SKMT leadership, doctors and staff for getting accreditation from Joint Commission International. This means the hospital is of international standard as certified by JCI after a rigorous audit conducted over several days

24 hours from now, it will be exactly half a century since our “one small step” on another world. Join us in remembering and celebrating the #Apollo50th anniversary of the Moon landing:

Life is chutes and ladders. Sometimes we gotta take that slide down to get to the next big ladder. It is what it is. We keep playing. We keep fighting. Congrats to Dustin and Jolie. They should've already had a belt. Diamonds are forever

I’m crying right now! This is like Disney Afternoon Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue levels of amazing! #DuckTales I don’t praise you enough. I will report to the Goof Troop for you anytime. Rescue Rangers AWAY!