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Sant Ravidas was born in a Dalit (Chamar) family. His Guru was the great Brahman Vaishnava Saint Sri Ramananda. Sant Ravidas in turn was the Guru of the great Rajput princess of Mewar, Mirabai. What does it say about caste equations among pre modern Hindus?

Day 2. 100 nautical miles west of Cape Finisterre. A very bumpy night but I slept surprisingly well. Some dolphins showed up and swam along the boat last night!

I bought a copy of Hasbro's mean-spirited and woefully ill-informed "MONOPOLY: SOCIALISM" board game so you don't have to - a thread 1/

Available for FaceTime shows all night DM me if you’re interested & payment READY 🤑 🖤 🖤

We were SO excited to see #AB6IX at #KCON19LA with appearances at #KCONROOKIES and various convention visits at #StarLiveTalk, #StarSquare, the #KCONFoodie stage - and of course, the concert. Here are some of our favorite shots from their performance ✨✨✨ @AB6IX