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Pages from an early-20th-century book of #demons from #Iran, #Princeton University Department of Rare Books and Special Collections (#Islamic MSS, 3rd Series, no 349) (Photo Credit: stephenellcock)

I am so happy with our squad. The Draft went even better than expected. We got all our targets & checked all boxes. 💃🏻😍 ✅Hard hitting & deep batting. ✅Experienced powerplay & death bowlers. ✅Multi angled bowling attack. ✅Reliable, genuine allrounders. ✅Pindi boy. #PSL5

Some very good news for #Joker fans, spoke with multiple @TheAcademy voters last night, *all of them had it in their top films, one longtime member listed #JokerMovie as his #1 overall film, seeing it some 8X, telling me "if Joaquin doesn't win best actor, it'll be criminal"

Drink Coors and fund American conservativism. The Coors brewing family funded the rise of Reagan, the conservative think-tank revival and the roll back of trade union power across the states. Cheers Corbyn!…