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Today is our traditional close of the sorghum planting window on the Darling Downs. Not a green paddock in sight. First time in farming history that no sorghum is grown here. Still breaking records

Tagg's always been talented with his hands, so makes sense that he works on cars. Plus the outfits. Maybe there's a reason he likes his work so much. (Tail tool belt!!!) By the amazing @ghostyarting please go follow him <3

Coming next week — Poetry Unbound from @onbeing I am so thrilled to present this programme — season 1 brings 16 poems from 16 poets to you. Brilliant poets all, their work is an accompaniment for a life. Mondays and Fridays. Subscribe where you subscribe.

Frank Lampard on Chelsea failing to control the game last night: “Ozil pulling out to the side and giving you some problems and I think we ended up being in a kind of middle ground. We were having an issue where Ozil comes out to the side.”

HARA is coming to 5 cities across Indonesia for a special @BNI event. Tomorrow: Makassar! #WeAreHARA #HARAToken