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Happy birthday TAPIT! 🎉 He continues to top the leaderboards – already 5 GSWs this year 👈 & more than $152 Million 💰 in lifetime progeny earnings... He truly is one of a kind! #Tapit #HappyBirthday #Gainesway #Thoroughbred #HorseRacing

I can’t help think it’a a great shame the mass international effort to contain a virus with a 1% death rate can’t be applied to the much greater suffering, death a violence in other parts of the world, such as Syria, Somalia, Yemen etc etc etc.

1/ Many well-meaning people try to strike a nuanced compromise between the "sex is a spectrum" & "sex is binary" people by claiming "sex is bimodal." This simply isn't true. A bimodal distribution requires a continuous X axis. Male & female are not continuous variables.

Holaa 💋💋 let's play! 🌞🌞 Book a duo or solo , let me know 😘 📧 📱604.239.7472 RT4RT ❤ #dateVancouver @caf_rt @_perb_