Bird lover, #Resist🌊 (@01Birdlady1 )

Bird lover, #Resist🌊

Bio Married 41++ years to the same wonderful man!
Lover of All Gods animals. Trust the animals, and some humans!
Resist at all cost! VOTE 2020!

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Twitter Web App : A hero, not a viewer 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Twitter Web App : #ProtectWildLife
Tell me #Kill4Fun is a sport,
that it is a passion ..

This baby #deer seeks shelter next to a
lure that looks like her mother who is
killed by a hunter. .

The earth has become the hell
of animals and man is the devil.

Twitter Web App : BOOM: Over 140,000 views in the first hour of the #ImpeachmentTaskForce’s tv ad. Wow! Let’s keep it going!

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Twitter Web App : Someone please explain why Donald Jr & Ivanka, both with international business associations, have not had to answer about these associations even after Donald was elected president, yet Hunter has to explain himself & resign when his father is a presidential nominee.

Twitter Web App : Not one single question about the climate crisis.
Not one single question about the climate crisis.
Not one single question about the climate crisis.

This is the existential crisis of our time. Not one single question, and that’s completely inexcusable. #DemDebate

Twitter Web App : Brings me to tears. How can any human allow this to happen.

Twitter Web App : Saw the ugly video of Trump, made by his fans. But really? Nobody believes Trump could take down a church full of people when we’ve all seen him physically & mentally defeated by a single umbrella.

Twitter Web App : So wait...

Saudi Arabia & UAE just stuffed $100M into a fund “directed” by Ivanka , who has an office in OUR White House, & now we send U.S. troops to Saudi as mercenaries?

...and no media can seem to simplify & report this to the American people?

This ALONE should impeach...

Twitter Web App : I have filed bar complaints against AG Barr in DC & VA. They go n the mail today. I told you I would & I always do what I say I will do. I’m appalled by his conduct & he’s no peer lawyer of mine. I take my oath as an atty very srsly. We need an AG who does the same. Ty.

Twitter Web App : Not been on Twitter much lately.
As a Veteran, despicable treachery & betrayal of the Kurdish people CRUSHED my soul.
Not sure how much lower we can sink.
Just want to crawl into a hole.
Must find way to get over it & keep fighting.
Reports of their suffering is killing me🤬🤬

Twitter Web App : #rallyagainstfear #Dallas #Beto…