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iPhone : Don’t let nobody on Instagram fool you into thinking their life is better than yours, keep grinding and stay positive

iPhone : If I’m not goofy around you then it’s very possible that i don’t like you

iPhone : Replacing “why is this happening to me” with “what is this trying to teach me” is a better way of thinking. Positivity only..

iPhone : The amount of shit that doesn’t work in my favor, but I still walk around with a pure heart and work my ass off

iPhone : getting called a liar when you’re telling nothing but the truth is the most frustrating thing in the world tbh... I’m tired.

iPhone : How the fuck can a female call a guy a fuck boy before she even gets to know him at all? Some people just throw around that word loosely

iPhone : You can’t play a person that’s genuinely fuckin with you or lookin out for you, You playing yourself if you think you can because them people hard to find