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iPhone : #ObamaWasBetterAtEverything except:
Obstruction of justice.
Sexual assault.
Tax evasion.
Witness tampering.
Witness intimidation.
Prostitution Solicitation.

iPhone : Bolton’s time has come and gone. America called upon this man to speak up as a patriot, and he crumbled like a coward. To #BoycottBoltonsBook is common sense for every loyal American. Bolton betrayed our country while we’re fighting desperately to save it.

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iPhone : Judge Sotomayor just said what most have been fearing about SCOTUS. In a dissenting view, she accused the conservative judges on the court of bias in favor of Trump.

How do voters respond except to #VoteBlue in 2020?


iPhone : PRO TIP: You can actually help Twitter eradicate the legions of shit-posting Russian bots that are trying to screw with our elections.

Dont just block them: REPORT them as possibly hacked. 9 times out of 10, thatll do it.


iPhone : It's mind-boggling just how detached from reality they are.

Bilaterally, Trump has delivered almost everything Putin could've wanted (bonhomie, G7 invite, no accountability, etc).

What Putin loves even more, though, is that America under Trump is now absent from the world.…

iPhone : WATCH: Our powerful new video exposes Matt Gaetz for using disinformation & chaos to stay in power.

I saw our enemies use the same tactics when I served during the Cold War. Now its happening here.

Its time for change.

Help us defeat Matt Gaetz here:…

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iPhone : #Resisters

andy lassner Debra Messing✍🏻 Rosanna Arquette🌎✌🏼 Patricia Arquette Alyssa Milano Ellen DeGeneres

Hi, I just wanted to see if u could take a moment & listen to my journey & RT.

Humanity is crying & I know that you are the group that will help restore it!


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iPhone : Calling all fashion designers! If you want to be on the next season of Making The Cut, apply now at We cant wait to hear from you!

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iPhone : I don’t know who needs to hear this, but absolutely nothing great happens without the masses of people. No one becomes a billionaire without the masses. No revolution occurs without the people.

Every single one of us is just as important as any billionaire oligarch.

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iPhone : Trump is now attacking a juror in Stone’s case. Trump is engaged in an all encompassing, scorched earth, carpet bombing of every aspect of our criminal justice system: agents, prosecutors, judges and now jurors. This, Senate Republicans, is YOUR handiwork.…

iPhone : 1. Trump was acquitted by the Senate on FEBRUARY 6.

Since then, he's been on an absolute RAMPAGE.

This thread is a list of what has happened.

iPhone : She is not a child.
She is not naive.
She is not an innocent bystander.
She is working at Treasury to protect Trump’s tax returns and loans at Deutsche Bank.

I demand a criminal investigation into AG Bill Barr’s daughter Mary Barr Daly. Anyone with me?

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