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Bio The greatest tragedy of humanity is that most of us allow our dreams to remain as dreams and not reality. -Mr.Inferno
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Android : How many mlems can you count

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Android : Lickers, zombies, and cockroaches.

Tune into tomorrow at 10 AM PT to watch 10+ minutes of new Resident Evil 2 gameplay.

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Android : Goodbye my Love 😥

Since 1993 we have been together playing the Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, even I played Amiga and Atari St in the 90s when no one cared about them back then. You were always with me and my Gaming continues. But now I must pass you onto the TV gods forever

Android : BRAH! GameStop incorrectly listed Firewall Zero Hour for $9.99 in the original Pre-Black Friday Listing.

The correct price is $19.99. HOWEVER, if you bring up their error, THEY MUST honor it. Don’t be scared. Get your additional $10 off!

Android : This is disgusting.

Basic accessibility such as subtitles should be in every game. Especially when handled by such huge developers/publishers.…

Android : This isnt funny at all. This is a racist stereotype and is harassment, her voice and face just says it all. Get a better sense of humour without being racist…

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Android : Kee Perico💙 Im not a disrespectful kind of person

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Android : Me after I leave popeyes drive-thru with my food, only to find they aint give me no sauce with my tenders

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Android : Shingobingo Negative - Titty streamers?

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