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iPhone : Moderate Dems are still Dems.

We need all the help we can get in terms of votes. We need #moderates.

We need to stop alienating them by being intolerant of their opinions and beliefs.

Does that mean we should cater? No. But don’t abandon them, either.


iPhone : In the last 48 hrs Donald J. Trump has tweeted & retweeted over 100x’s!

Here is the crazy train going completely off the rails. Please spread far & wide so everyone can witness the implosion.

#TrumpImpeachment ⚖️⏰

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iPhone : “The president is using federal law enforcement powers to aid his political prospects, settle scores with his perceived ‘deep state’ enemies and show that the Mueller investigation had corrupt, partisan origins.”

#IAmTheWhistleblower washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost…

iPhone : Two years after 58 lives were lost & hundreds more injured in a horrific shooting in Las Vegas, we remain committed to the fight to #EndGunViolence so other families may be spared the pain caused every day across America by the gun violence epidemic. speaker.gov/newsroom/10119

Twitter Web App : More impeachment cacophony. It’s what every defendant does - start a fire in the trash can and hope the prosecutor and jury gets distracted - only Trump has Fox News, Facebook, and Twitter to help him flood the zone. Don’t indulge him - stick with the case and #followthefacts. twitter.com/washingtonpost…

iPhone : Harvard law professor: Trump tweet claiming impeachment could trigger a Civil War like fracture is impeachable hill.cm/fGD4NRw

iPhone : .Daniel Cameron is a lobbyist for the opioid pill makers who supplied this pill mill doctor.

Now, Cameron is running for AG, saying he will take on his employers though he’s never prosecuted a case.
Tell Cameron, the pill maker’s lobbyist, No Thanks!


Twitter Web App : Please support Elisa Cardnell who is the only Dem running against Dan Crenshaw in #TX02. She's a navy vet, single mom, and teacher.

This race is competitive and is another one that can help flip TX blue.

I will donate $100 for 100 RT's.


Twitter Web App : New Quinnipiac poll


47% of Americans say YES
47% of Americans say NO

That's a net 20-point swing in one week

Last week: 37% impeach, 57% don't


Twitter Web App : The House passed a massive anti-corruption and pro-democracy reform bill, which aims to get money out of politics. Whats the Senate doing with this bill? Nothing. #ForThePeople

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Twitter Web App : Thank you Gov. Phil Murphy, Chairman Currie and the NJ Dems) 's Twitter Profile">NJ Dems for your invitation to speak and hospitality at the NJ Dems) 's Twitter Profile">NJ Dems Conference. Your theme of “Uniting for Progress” is an inspiring message for NJ and for all who fight for a brighter tomorrow #ForThePeople. –NP

Twitter for iPad : Newspapers calling for Trump to resign (as of 9/29):

🔹St. Louis Post-Dispatch (received 19 Pulitzer Prizes)
🔹Connecticut Post (the state's second-largest newspaper)

Which paper will be next?

Twitter for iPad : trump is demanding to know who the whistleblower is, because he says he has the right to know.

It’s not that he’s curious. He just wants him dealt with.