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iPhone : Rachel nikki mccann ramírez So you believe everyone who you dont agree with should be de-platformed? You sound like a fucking cry baby...grow up!

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iPhone : nikki mccann ramírez Don Jenver That grown man sentence isnt real, thats the kind of sentence teenage girls put together, which is just twitter. He had ben shapiro on and people dont like that. He also just had Neal Brennan on, who is left and has been a very good comedian for a very long time.

iPhone : Rachel nikki mccann ramírez Picking and choosing who is allowed to have a voice in this country is the real problem. Especially when people label every conservative as “far right”. As a Moderate I enjoy hearing both sides and forming my own opinion and not existing in an echo chamber of the same ideas

iPhone : Your needs, front and center. For just a few more days, explore special offers on the 2019 #LincolnNautilus, with available 24 driver assist technologies looking out for your well-being.

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