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Android : You should know where your allegiance lies . I remember when with England and Grealish ( the agent ) wanting meetings so he could decide who to choose. The idea of a country begging / trying to convince someone to represent them is wrong .…

Android : No surprise this dick is backing her
While she may be the goat
She showed little class in defeat…

Android : Why women live longer than men.

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Android : When you realize halfway through a Trump rally that the people in the bleachers need to be peppier and blonder.

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Android : With #Aras18 approaching it’s a good time to bring back this gem - 7 more years 🌹

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Android : Bothered about the Garcia wildcard? I am a bit. Bothered that he’s form-fit for Ryder cup. Bothered by the ‘leak’ last night that he was in the team. Bothered by Bjorn saying little about his form. Bothered about Rafa playing his heart out, showing proper form and being snubbed.

Android : If you go to the shops with your dog, make sure you tie it to something fixed 😂

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Android : Kevin Painter Stood outside window one day
Rang daughter to see reaction
She looked at phone
Killed call
Went in and asked later why she didn't answer
Never heard it dad
Welcome to the club 🤣

Android : Mystery of the modern day,cant remember last time i saw my daughter without her phone in her hand..but try get hold of her?.......ring ring ring ring ring ring ring..nope 🙄😴

Android : You think Woodward doesn't have tapes?
The Orange man's days are numbered…

Android : My two cents: Monica Lewinsky walking out of that interview is a good reminder you aren't obligated to stay in any life situation that makes you feel like shit.