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iPhone : TODAY the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Vadym Prystaiko, verified what we already knew:

“I have never seen a direct relationship between investigations and security assistance.”…

Twitter Web App : Government employees working against the president should resign, WH press secretary says…

iPhone : Why was there never a criminal investigation of the Clintons for the atrocities they committed against Haitians?

Over 6 BILLION dollars were STOLEN and they’ve yet to be held accountable! 😡

And the Obama administration was culpable in the crime!

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SumAll : My week on Twitter 🎉: 5 Mentions, 5 Likes, 4 Retweets, 17.7K Retweet Reach, 2 Replies. See yours with…

iPhone : A dude heard another dude who heard that a dude told a dude that he overheard another dude talking to a dude about the investigation of another dude. This is an impeachment case built to appeal to the moron class. You really have to be a dope to get suckered again by this.…

iPhone : Tomorrow’s impeachment hearing will feature a disgruntled, former ambassador to Ukraine

She’s a known Never-Trumper and Republicans are still not allowed to call witnesses

RT if you’d rather hear from:

—Hunter Biden

—The “Whistleblower”

—Joe Biden

—And Adam Schiff himself

SumAll : My week on Twitter 🎉: 400 Mentions, 102K Mention Reach, 1.1K Likes, 1.51K Retweets, 51 Replies. See yours with…

iPhone : .Byron Donalds Candace Owens Diamond and Silk® Black voters need to look at their pocket books & issues on their kitchen table &
realize this President Trump is the one fighting for you

Dems had their chance for 100yrs & they blew it 👊🏻

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Twitter Web App : The Democrats will now use use the victims of the Santa Clarita shooting (like they did my daughter) to try and take away your rights!

Who uses the death or injuries of children as political weapons?

Sick people!

iPhone : Schiff’s own witness admits Burisma should be investigated for corruption. Be a shame if this went viral. Do not RT this.

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Im Dr. George Durham, Loving father to my son and friends, I grew up in the US. I like swimming, shopping, listening to good music and I love traveling.


iPhone : Soros Linked to Whistleblower Report - Former US Attorney Finds Proof Buried in Footnotes…

iPhone : China is exporting some of its most advanced, deadly aerial drones to the Middle East - programmed to decide for themselves who lives and who dies, without any form of human ethical oversight… #ausdef #ArtificialIntelligence

Twitter Web App : Shia LaBeouf

Hey Shia Labutt. Just watched you get arrested on #LivePD Nation. Watching your verbal abuse of police officers was sickening, you entitled over-rated Hollywood little f%$k. You owe those officers an apology. Thats what a man would do. #Coward

Android : RT: Kirk Reeves, R.T. Kirk Reeves, R.T.

I disagree that Schiff is clueless/dumb. Hes calculating/malicious. Hes using Soviet style tactics. When hearsay evidence is the standard, anyone he dislikes is a target. Hes the harbinger of a police state if Dems come to full control.

Twitter Web App : President Trump Mr. President, keep up the good work and forget about the Ukraine! Massachusetts has new man running for president with Obama blessing! Trying to get the black community votes! Let them know you have there back. Concentrate on 2020 and not the coup attempt! Stay strong!

Twitter Web App : 53) Q asked what we should conclude from sustained attempts to keep 8chan offline. Is it really about manifestos of shooters being posted there? Why no attempts to take down other platforms where mass killers live-streamed their shootings ad posted manifestos?

Twitter Web App : The moment Virgil van Dijk knew it was done in Madrid...


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Twitter Web App : There May Be A Simple Explanation to why Democratic Politicians Sound Like They Are On Drugs....It’s’ ‘Cause They’re On Drugs: Texas Democrat Caught Carrying Envelope of Cocaine…

Twitter Web Client : I have been binging a new show, it only has 2 seasons so far, and it is on Netflix. MARS created by National Geographic. It’s part documentary and part soap opera.
Worth the watch

Twitter Web App : After being asked to comment on her husbands comments on MSNBC, Kellyanne Conway said @WolfBlitzer “embarrassed” himself by asking about her husband and only did it for ratings.

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Twitter Web App : THANK YOU, Congressman John Ratcliffe, for exposing the ridiculousness of this entire inquiry!


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