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iPhone : “They’re not consulting with us, they’re dictating to us.

Schiff and Nunes have not met or discussed cooperating on the rules for the impeachment inquiry.

Tweepsmap : I have 114 new followers from USA 🇺🇸, and more last week. See!edwrather

iPhone : Now we know the whistleblower’s lawyer was pushing for impeachment and plotting a coup since day one.

The swamp hates Donald J. Trump because he’s fighting for the American people and bringing change to Washington.

But this scheming has to stop—he has a country to run!

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Twitter for iPad : When the smoke clears from Democrats’ eyes after their impeachment circus,

they’re going to find themselves surrounded by the not so silent majority whose had enough.

Sucks to be them.

iPhone : Amb. Nikki Haley has inspired young women all throughout the world.

•She was the first female Governor of South Carolina

•She was a powerful UN Ambassador

•She will quite possibly be the first female president of the United States

I’d say that’s pretty “significant.”…

TweetDeck : Schiff Refuses GOP Request to Have Whistleblower Testify...

Wait til you see why...


iPhone : The government runs out of money in 10 days and a government shutdown could happen as soon as November 21

Are Democrats focused on keeping the government open?

No. Theyre only focused on impeachment.

They dont care about people

They only care about destroying the president

iPhone : Rep Andy Biggs Explaining Where The GOP Senate Republicans Sit In This Impeachment SCAM AMERICA Donald J. Trump Deserves DUE PROCESS As Anyone Of Us Do Democrats Will Not Allow Witness Lists Requested By Our GOP This Is An UnConstitutional Democratic SHAM Video#1

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iPhone : Are you fed up with DemocRATS & their plots & schemes to remove a duly elected President Trump?

Watch🎥 & relive a historical moment
.Donald J. Trump Wins

#ImpeachTrump is a distraction by DemocRATS who fear AG Barr & Durham’s criminal investigation 🙏🏻🇺🇸

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Android : In order to continue being the most Transparent President in history, I will be releasing sometime this week the Transcript of the first, and therefore most important, phone call I had with the President of Ukraine. I am sure you will find it tantalizing!

Twitter Web App : Logo o Carlos Bolsonaro volta para redes socias dizendo ráááááááá... pegadinha do Mallandro. Para a tristeza de quem está comemorando.

iPhone : When Obamacare was passed, Americans were promised that they would not be paying for anyone elses abortion. That promise was not kept in the rules that followed. It is time that we fix this hidden abortion charge. #Prolife…

Twitter Web App : Alien looking Caterpillar 🐛

Euthalia Aconthea: commonly known as the Baron Butterfly 🦋

Found in Sri Lanka, India, & Southeast Asia

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iPhone : Anna Paulina Luna Greetings fellow patriot from deep inside enemy territory, #socialist #liberal #Kalifornia! Were just a handful, but we are FIERCE HARD CORE loving #Americans! God bless you and our great nation! ✊🏻🇺🇸⚔️🦅🔥#MAGA #KAG #AmericaFirst #UnitedWeStand #ProudAmerican

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Twitter Web App : If Eric Ciaramella is not the whistleblower, then the evidence against him separate from the Ukraine incident is compelling enough to warrant his release from service. If he’s the whistleblower, let him officially come out and claim protections.…

Twitter Web App : Listen to the liberal media and House Dems change their story after Taylor’s testimony is clear that nobody in the Ukrainian government was aware of a military hold at the time of the Trump-Zelensky call. Quid pro quo was impossible on July 25, so let’s make it September instead.

iPhone : The Communist Democrats have no idea how badly they’re pissing off the people in this country with this phony impeachment scam.

There’s going to be hell to pay at the ballot box in 2020.

With Trump on the ballot, voting lines will stretch for miles with angry MAGA.

Twitter Web Client : Al Gore Promotes Global Warming Workshop as Arctic Blast is Set to Bring Record Cold Temps to US 40 Days Before Winter Season Begins… via Jim Hoft