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iPhone : Just so we're perfectly clear: Donald Trump's phrase "we're the boss" is demonstrably untrue.

Donald Trump, Commander In Chief, is a submissive, groveling cur to every third-world strongman.

He's a eunuch. He's a patsy. He's a credulous boob led by his ego and his dick.

iPhone : Dear God,

Why do you take the most gentle, kind, righteous souls like Rep. Elijah Cummings from us, and leave us w/the KFC-and-McDonald's-chugging, dictator-hugging, porn star banging, pussy-grabbin, Twitter-raging, racist assholes?

You took the wrong one.

iPhone : This one has broken me.
I am broken.

Elijah E. Cummings was a lion. A fierce warrior for justice. He was principled and kind. His spirit was pure & his moral compass was true. He will be GREATLY missed.

This one really, really hurts.

#RIPSir #ElijahCummings

iPhone : My question is: Does Ivanka know, deep down that her father is a severely disturbed sociopath?

Or is she a sociopath too, so can’t see it?

Certainly his former wives know, & surely Melania. Thoughts?

iPhone : (HISTORIC PHOTOGRAPH) I agree with those saying this photograph will go down in history. Nancy Pelosi was reportedly chastising Donald J. Trump, in the moment captured below, by saying the following to him:

All roads with you lead to Putin.