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Wow I can’t believe this is why Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson split up

I seem to have made a Mistake regarding Jaeda. Yesterday was HER day So @jaedalilymiller - Happy Birthday! I’m sorry it’s belated, But you must know we’re elated That you’ve joined in Hope Valley Playing our new friend named Allie! ???

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch joins us tonight to talk about voter suppression efforts across the country. This is a big Hardball issue.

THIS SEASON: Swing the ball once, get a good shot. Swing it twice, get a great shot. Swing it three times, get a lay-up. MOVE THE BALL‼️

Thank you for your beautiful letter President @GEJonathan. You are a great leader and God will continue to vindicate, guide and bless you. You have made my day! ❤??