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Hi yes hello here are 106 species of frogs from Madagascar that I've photographed in the last six years. I made this slide for my PhD defence to try to illustrate just how incredible the diversity of Madagascar's frogs really is.

2 years ago today, my best friend of 15 years took her own life. This was her room just yesterday, exactly how she left it. People WILL miss you, they’ll leave your room untouched for as long as you’re gone, and grieve until the day they die. Please don’t kill yourself, reach out

...?!? WHO ATTACKED OUR LADIES??? Close Off All The Entrances! Let Us Protect Our Pride, @TripleH. #WWENXT @WWENXT 💛🖤

Charlie Hunnam sends special gift to a veteran who’s story touched him after his visit in Australia.…

More people on this photo that aren't me, but I'll probably be there. #AEWDynamite #AEWonTNT #baybee I'm really nailing pound signs.