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What is our duty? The dear Iranian nation must become stronger. Power isn’t just military power. The country’s economy must be strengthened. Reliance on oil should stop. Scientific/technological growth should continue. The backing for all of these is the people’s presence.

I am a self taught alchemist~ ~Almost no limits ~Lewd and non ~Not new to RP ~Bi very heavy fem lean ~Semi literate, tries to match detail ~Open Dm ~Loves transforming and changing with potions ~Could play a femboy to those interested. Buy potions or come learn alchemy.

“This is not a drill, the house is on fire,” says Barcelona Mayor @AdaColau. The city has declared a #ClimateEmergency and set a new target to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 > City #ClimateAction is crucial for #ParisAgreement goals

A very cordial discussion was held with National Security Advisor of #India, Ajit Doval today. Strengthening of bilateral cooperation on national security, intelligence sharing, maritime security & fostering of regional collaboration, were some of the key points of discussion.