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First look at #TheWatch, coming soon to @BBCAMERICA. Set in a fictional city where crime has been legalized, The Watch is a genre-busting new original scripted series, inspired by Terry Pratchett's #Discworld. #TCA20

“We’ve rightly recieved a letter from the FA but I can relate, there was a time when I was player/manager that I’d rush back to the Lane. I have no problem with Oli going back to watch them, he has a big connection there. I think it’s quite refreshing to be honest” CW on Oli.

NORTHERN DANCER remains the only sire to win championships on both sides of the Atlantic without having himself changed location from GB to North America. He was the 1971 leader in the US and dominated 4 seasons in Great Britain & Ireland - 1970, 1977, 1983 & 1984.

"Seeya next year, folks!” - It’s been an incredible whale shark season in @thecoralcoast (via IG/bluemediaexmouth)