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So happy I was able to have the first iftaar of Ramzan with my Larkana family. Grateful to Allah for all His Blessings. May all our prayers be accepted and may Ramzan be the harbinger of #peace and brotherhood. #NA200

It’s long past time to abandon the BS that Trump is a “dealmaker.” He’s not. He’s only a dealbreaker. And he is serially breaking deals that underpin America’s global leadership. Read @sbg1 ?…

WE ARE INDEED THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD! Congratulations @tellemjaye Nadine and Team @CMMVevo #St4yUpOnTopWithJaDineAtMMA

1,000,000+ Slayers have registered to play Dauntless. Today marks a major milestone. We couldn't have done it without you, and we wouldn't have it any other way.