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Today’s card. The way to release is to feel. You were told to “let go” of the anger, grief, shame & guilt as if willpower were an adequate medicine & it wasn’t. Take inventory of the roots of your pain & feel their weight once & for all so that you can release them. & They, you.

Remembering freedom fighter #BirsaMunda, face of revolt against colonial oppression, on his birth anniversary. Hero of freedom struggle, symbol of renunciation & sacrifice. His struggle for independence will continue to inspire generations. #धरतीआबा_बिरसामुंडा @BijayKumarShar7

Yovanovitch Testifies That She Was Removed To Make Way For Corrupt Back Channel But Gets If No One Cares About Anything Anymore

Modern global warming has been ~10x faster than any warming and temperature is now higher than any time in at least the past 20,000 years. Without us, very slow orbital cooling (23,000-year precession cycle) would have continued. More on these data:…