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The Raiders ask that Neiron Ball and his family are kept in the thoughts and prayers of the Raider Nation during this difficult time. Ball is currently in a medically induced coma after suffering a brain aneurysm on Sept. 16

هذه الصورة لا علاقة لها بما يجري هذه الأيام وإنما تم التقاطها في نهاية دورة تدريبية قدمتها لنادي #الهلال كنشاط ثقافي لهم في #لندن ولا علاقة لها باللاعب #أحمد_موسى للعلم ودعواتي لوطني بالمزيد من التوفيق

Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander said he was told CB Vontae Davis quit the team and retired at halftime of Sunday's game. "It's completely disrespectful," Alexander said.

We have mapped our signatures to @MITREattack. It will help you to better understand tactics and techniques used by attackers, to learn about different phases of malicious work, as well as, to better classify our signatures under the common standard for you.

Every mockery, shame and reproach you have experienced before now is deleted permanently! Where they laughed at you before, they will come and look for you! #PropheticDeclaration #DrPastorPaulEnenche

A very happy birthday to the hon'ble former Prime Minister of India, the great Dr. Manmohan Singh. A very pleasant man, who proved that action speaks louder than words. #HappyBirthdayDrSingh