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Our buddy, the majestic oak of nerdiness @JonSchnepp is currently in the hospital...he’s a teddy bear full of light & he could use your love & support. If you have some coin to spare his amazing love @hollykpayne has set up PayPal. Stay strong everyone ?

BREAKING: Eden Hazard has handed in a transfer request. He met with Abramovich earlier today and has told him he wants to leave the club. #cfc ?

Do you agree that gender is a social construct? #TuesdayThoughts from Simone de Beauvoir:

We're in D.C. with a $20m check to pay bail bonds for over 2,000 mothers still detained. More than 1 million people donated over $20m and their message is clear: reunite the families Trump says he's a deal-maker, here's his chance to cut a deal. #ReuniteEveryChild