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여기 우기용 치킨 무 하나 주세요!!! 스페셜 MC 우기가 조아조아하는 치킨 무 프레젠또랄까^_^* 아이들 내에서 신 거 먹기 일등이라는 울 우기 오늘 엠씨 홧팅?❣️? #더쇼 #젠쇼 #욱쇼 #꾹쇼 #3MC @LONGGUOofficial @NCTsmtown @G_I_DLE

Earlier this morning I arrived in #Ghazni to assess the security situation in the province. During this visit, besides offering fateha prayers for the Ghazni martyrs, I met separately with the people, civilian and military officials of this province. #Afghanistan