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Someday maybe misogynist men will learn that when you keep trying to grind indomitable women into dust, what happens is that you eventually shape us into the hardest of diamonds, impervious to the trifling chauvinist horseshit that remains the best tool in your box of mediocrity.

Today, I voted to end U.S. military involvement in Yemen and condemn the Saudi Crown Prince for the murder of Jamal #Khashoggi. It's my hope that we've sent a clear message – any country that would violate our core values must be held accountable. My full statement here:

#PhillippeReines, in the grand #Clinton tradition, dresses for opportunity. Love ? could always be just around the corner! #Unhinged #UnPantsed

The Queen and The Duke of York arrive @lincolnsinn for the opening of The Ashworth Centre #Royals

A friend of mine had posted this on her Facebook page. He is the older brother to her best friend. Matty is a huge WWE fan with a heart of gold. Let’s show him what miracles Christmas can bring. Retweets appreciated. Merry Christmas @Cena @TheRock @WWE @SCOTTHALLNWO @RealDDP

راجل محترم فعلا لا بينافق ولا بيمثل صاحب فضل كبير علي ناس كتير وانا اولهم ❤❤❤#الشيخ طه اسماعيل