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#ModernWarfare ✅ Cross Play ✅ Cross Progression ✅ No Season Pass ✅ No Loot Boxes ✅ Battle Pass w/ cosmetic only items ✅ Weapons earned through gameplay Looking like a good year.…

Great to be back out on the pitch. On to the next round, well done boys 🧤⚽️ All Glory to the most high ✝️ Wishing you all a Blessed Sunday 🙏

How dare you?! Since the founding of our nation, African Americans have been lynched and killed just for being black. This is a disgusting and ignorant message from a man who has shown no respect for history. We will not stand for it.

2020 CIX SEASON’S GREETINGS 2019.10.23 Coming Soon 구매처 ▶️ #CIX #씨아이엑스 #BX #승훈 #배진영 #용희 #현석