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Congratulations @actorvijay sir on the best international actor award @IARA_Awards for #mersal! #IARAAward #BestInternationalActorVIJAY @Hemarukmani1 @MuraliRamasamy4

الأخ مسلي آل معمر والأخ عبدالرحمن القضيب ودورة متخصصة في أعرق جامعات العالم بتوفيق لشباب الوطن????♥️

So, a very narrow victory, with a result he likes; "the will of the people". But... a large majority, that he doesn't like; "resign!" In a clusterfuck of shitehawks, one ballbag swings lowest.

VR Vault Hunters! Tomorrow at 5PM CST we are streaming Borderlands 2 VR from the Gearbox Official channels! We’ll be covering customization, movement, and BAMF Time. Follow us on Twitch: