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Happy Father's Day to all our pops, pas and paters around the planet. We have a song for the season. Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here's how the last seven days looked to Mark:… #MarksWeekInReview #FathersDay

It's a first in #TheFour history! Your same four are back for another week. If you missed the latest episode, be sure to catch up on FOX Now and Hulu! ➡️

Fashion Tip #27: glue @RobBenedict to the butt of those leather pants you've been eyeing. #RockGodRoadie…

Painting team portraits is always a challenge. A tough part about this was trying to make these '70s togs seem like the synthetic blends that they were, as opposed to the materials of the past decades. And, with it being the Big Red Machine and all, that red had to be on point.