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This dynamic photo was captured by Rover-1A on September 22 at around 11:44 JST. It was taken on Ryugu's surface during a hop. The left-half is the surface of Ryugu, while the white region on the right is due to sunlight. (Hayabusa2 Project)

#SundayMotivation Real Guru is the one who shows the humanity the right way of living and the right way to worship God. Watch the Spiritual discourses by True Guru #SantRampalJiMaharaj who has provided the true spiritual path. Mh1 Shraddha 2 pm Sadhna tv 7:30 pm Ishwar tv 8:30 pm

Having an event outside STAPLES Center tonight made us way too excited for the season to start!

We asked four adorable little girls to critique our fashion senses and then plan their dream makeovers for us! You won't believe how a professional stylist turned those dreams into a surprisingly stunning reality. ✨…