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Ecto-1 has arrived at #SDCC2018 and is parked at the #GhostbustersWorld booth at The Experience in the Lexus Premiere lot. We are protecting all visitors from Stay Puft and any other paranormal manifestations! #StayPuftSanDiego

Luciano Spalletti: "In the last few days I talked to Perisic who finished the celebrations, he told me he is mentally tired and in terms of energy. He must recover but he has not told me anything that concerns his desire to stay here in Milan." #MUFC

Oh, what a day ☘️ Everywhere we go, everywhere we go, the FAM always turns up ? Who passed by today or comin' through tomorrow? #LiftDublin

#TokyoDriftTuesday Just driving 60mph in reverse through LA (Tokyo), with a gun... #stuntdriver #thefastandfurious @RhysMillen @rsquared361 @samuelhubinette @sungkang

متطوع سعودي اعتاد على السفر منذ 17 عام لرعاية الأيتام في عدة دول افريقية، ويرعى حالياً أكثر من سبعة آلاف يتيم ونحو ألفي أسرة و٢١ داراً.