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From celebrated director Tim Burton... First look poster of #Dumbo... 29 March 2019 release... #DumboTrailer:

Heading to LA today ? I want to do an IRL stream, any cool spots you guys could recommend?

My tributes to legendary tribal hero & revolutionary freedom fighter Bhagwan #BirsaMunda on his Jayanti. His life was a journey of indomitable courage, dedication & service to motherland.

Birthday bash with my dear assistants at work place with my favourite #Avengers cake! Day made! Thank you guys?❤️ #MyAvengers #Blessed

✔️ Start a checklist in Notes ✔️ Smile when you check things off ✔️ Celebrate the little victories Here's how to start a checklist with just a tap:

Soldiers and their Working Dogs Taking a Much-Needed Break -- A Picture of Mutual Love & Appreciation #MilitaryMen #BlackLabrador #MilitaryDogs #BombSniffingDogs #ArmyDogs #SearchAndRescueDogs

[NEWS] @IBM to acquire Red Hat and become the world's leading #hybridcloud provider.