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As I’m nearing the end of this??journey and what feels like miles away from music making land, this made me feel so grateful. It’s amazing that you guys are all around the world listening and soaking up songs I’ve written. Thank you so, so much to every single one of you. ? rach

My final meeting in Iraq was with @masrour_barzani, Chancellor of Kurdistan Security Council, where we continued discussions on the importance of energy collaboration and the role that Kurdistan plays in an energy secure Iraq and eliminating the influence of Iran.

رئيس أعظم دولة في العالم @realDonaldTrump يؤكد قوة ومكانة الأمير محمد بن سلمان ويثق بسموه وبالسعودية وفي المقابل #قطر وهي أصغر دولة في العالم وأكثرها انحطاطا تُجنّد مرتزقتها وإعلامها وأموالها وتحاول تشويه صورة سموه ! فعلا.. الأعراب أشد كفرا ونفاقا. #شكرا_ترامب والخزي والعار لتميم

So @CaseyNeistat is giving away 100 of these custom Samsung Galaxy Note 9's to raise money for @BGCA_Clubs. Find out how to enter here ►►►…

Vicious and endless bashing of the Gandhi family now sounds tired and stale and reveals @narendramodi & @BJP4India’s lack of new ideas. My take in Sunday @timesofindia