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An old tradition of Spike Milligan's - on #Christmas Day - was to phone Jesus College in Cambridge. The janitor would answer the phone "Jesus" and, on hearing those magic words, Spike would sing him Happy Birthday. That story makes me smile every year. Happy Xmas!

Where is the dense fog ?? Why does the wreckage look....tiny? How did crew get there so fast? >>literally a hiking trail there Why is Kobe Copter white and not black? Where is the black box?

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Dolly’s setting world wide trends shouting out platforms she don’t even use #legendwithaflipphone #shestillsendsfaxes #ifyoudontknowhatafaxislookitup #myfairygodmotheristhequeen #queenofcountry #queenofthegram #therewillneverbeanotherdolly #allhaildollyparton

I’m heartbroken by this news, you were a true legend, and friend. Rest In Peace @kobebryant, my thoughts and prayers to his wife and kids. #legend #mamba #goat