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Trump Nowruz statement: “Twenty-five centuries ago, Darius the Great asked God to protect Iran from three dangers: hostile armies, drought and falsehood. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) represents all three." The rest of the statement is even better:

Today would be a good day to deploy these #StPatricksDay images, because today..... THE WHOLE GALAXY IS IRISH. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

A friendly reminder as the leaders approach the 18th hole. "You must play boldly to win." -- Arnold Palmer #ArniesArmy

Love Nadine’s new hair color ?? Hair color by @kikopedazajr @salonprivatbyjingmonis Makeup by @jellyeugenio Hairstyle by @paulnebres

Migos and Drake pay homage to "Soul Train" in the '70s-inspired video for "Walk It Talk It"