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🎉 I'm excited to announce that @AirbnbEng is continuing our open source sustainability commitment in 2020 at $100,000 via @opencollect! Work at a company that relies on open source software? Ask them to join us in donating!

I HATED this pic when it was taken, I remember feeling so disheartened looking at it on my boyfriends phone. I tend to hate 99% of pics I’m ever in, until I’m looking back months later with kinder eyes. Posting this now highlight what a sad waste of time not loving yourself is.

On eve of Diwali 27th October.. Trailer release at 9.36 AM ..It is a non controversial film with controversial characters #KRKR

Might be to soon to share but Im in a bad place myself and I don’t want anyone else to suffer in silence as it’s horrendous. Here’s my experience with AndysManClub tonight in the hope it shows just 1 person that support is genuinely out there. ❤️ @andysmanclubuk

Came across this “oldie” the other day from Wonho. So many people don’t even know that this side of him exists - just one of the many beautiful layers. @OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent @Epic_Records @eshygazit #MonstaXNumberIs7 #몬베베는_몬스타엑스면_돼