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FINAL SCORE: Pacifica 51, Birmingham 23; Tritons advance to @CIFState Division 2A state championship bowl for first time in history.

Next stop to represent #Ghana & #Africa headfirst 80 mph is Park City, Utah 🇺🇸🛷 . Home of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. The races are on Mon & Tues at 9:30 am. Come watch me and other skeleton athletes proudly represent their countries. It’s free to come watch. #ghanaskeleton

Beautiful Patriots: @realDonaldTrump❤We were once thought of as the Silent Majority. We can no longer be considered Silent..We can't afford to be. We're facing a true War. Good vs. Evil. Mr. President, WE have your back as you have ours & our USA. This is why we voted for you.

🌟v2 of my free Intro to Android App Reverse Engineering workshop is here! 🌟 I've added 3 new exercises, walk-through videos for all 7 exercises, a new module on obfuscation, & exercises on vuln hunting rather than just malware. I hope it helps!

X-EXO 엑스-엑소 Concept Teaser Image #BAEKHYUN 🎧 2019.11.27. 6PM (KST) 👉 ✔ The first result comes out at 6 am(KST), and it will be updated every 6 hours. #EXO #엑소 #EXOonearewe #weareoneEXO @weareoneEXO #OBSESSION #EXODEUX