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It's amazing how many non-ants look like ants. Ant mimicry is found in spiders, beetles, flies, and more - in this case, a katydid nymph. It's likely helpful because ants often sting or bite or are otherwise less-than-tasty, so looking like one may make you seem less palatable--

follow my beautiful friend @StephanieBLive she does music too and wow she’s gorgeous. I want to see her at the top just like her legendary sister Akosua Agyapong. Guys look away 😂😂💔

I eat too much because I'm sad and I'm sad because I eat too much.

Given the number of trolls & other assorted miscreants who’ve been bleating, lying or just plain stupid on twitter today the driven grouse shooting industry is clearly rattled. Excellent ! Reaffirmation that we are winning & soon this environmentally bankrupt fiasco will be over