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This #HoustonRally is something else. 19,000 inside Toyota Center. 25,000+ more outside. Atmosphere is electric. Texas loves @realDonaldTrump

Today is the release of #RacingToTheFinish, a book that is insightful, candid and necessary. Catch @DaleJr today on: ? @RachaelRayShow ? @OnPointRadio ⚒ @BUILDseriesNYC ? “Talk at @GoldmanSachs”

This was the pupper we were fostering through the DoVE Project. They rescue dogs from the meat trade in South Korea and fly them to safety here in LA! They were wonderful to work with and they always need fosters/volunteers, so if you live in LA, please check them out.

More than 5000 girls from 25 colleges took training in self-defence techniques in Solapur in last two weeks. In the mega event of #MissionSAHASI, more than 3200 girls demonstrated the critical self-defence techniques that they learnt in the training sessions!

Hi, I'm Mr. Right. Someone said you were looking for me. Adopt a @HARSavesLives pet like Bryan Ruff and he'll love you fur-ever:

Today @MahilaCongress Organized & Unorganized Cell has launched a month long pilot project "Meri Meeta" aimed at acknowledging & celebrating the contribution of domestic workers in the lives of urban working women in Mumbai & Pune.