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Chocolate from Choi Twins! This was supposed to be drawn for Valentine's Day, but I didn't finish it until yesterday😂 #mysticmessenger

#HBonmymind Oct 13: As change agents, we spend our lives in what is often an uphill battle, trying to make things that matter to us happen. Then one small action can spark off huge, positive changes. We live for those moments. Thanks @sherrillknezel for your beautiful sketchnote.

Well folks - no one is surprised, but @RachelNotley is caught in a lie, and, we all know the NDP have little else to offer other than hyperbole & mistruths. Does the defeated, one-term premier have the decency to apologize & retract her lies when publicly called out? #ableg

The nerve of Johnson turning to Juncker “To remind you of what I’ve always said, that we are a quintessential European country, solid European friends, neighbors and supporters and we look forward to working with you in building that partnership in the weeks and months ahead.”

BDA has issued a notice that charging of fees towards off-street parking at ShoppingMalls, Multiplexes, CommercialBuildings, Hospitals, etc has been exempted under the BDA(Planning & Building Standards) Regulations. Strict action will be taken against those who violate the same.