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Android : The parameters of what the EU would agree are pretty well known - and have been since 2016 - so I don't think there's much in this point.

But a referendum pre-GE would be tough for the Tories. They've failed for three years to do a deal - so what option would they campaign for? twitter.com/IainDale/statu…

Android : Is the Government about to remove free healthcare for a whole class of older British citizens? It certainly looks that way. twitter.com/martinmckee/st…

Android : Papa, why are we eating grass off the floor like a cow
Well you see boy, our passport colour was intolerable-
Teacher says without four stomachs well die
Your teacher sounds like a remoaner
Quiet, traitor

Android : Nissan has just announced its axing the night shift at its Sunderland plant. Last time it scaled back production there we put up this billboard in the city. Solidarity with the people affected.

Android : "UNTESTED!?!?! "



go and read the case of padfield

And stop spamming a tried country with this piss poor garbage. twitter.com/bbclaurak/stat…

Android : The UKs security arrangements will have to start again with a blank sheet of paper if theres a no-deal Brexit says ex-MI6 chief Sir John Sawers #r4today bbc.in/2M1Mjjh

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Android : If this happened the EU should be aware that second letter is unlawful and of no legal effect

As EU is a creature of law, and we are dealing with a legal process, EU27 should disregard letter

Law here is established, and derives from a 1968 House of Lords case called... twitter.com/GeorginaEWrigh…

Android : I hope people living in rural communities like Lincolnshire will now see how much Johnson’s hard right government really cares about the future of British farming. twitter.com/minette_batter…

Android : Funny seeing Brexiteers fuming over Bercow when they’re fine with the unelected Dominic Cummings pulling all the strings 🤷🏻‍♀️

Android : It’s all Europe’s fault apparently - the arrogance and condescension (not to mention sheer lack of nous) by these Tories takes some beating. twitter.com/albertonardell…

Android : On #r4today, (1) Chief Medical Officer says a no deal Brexit puts patients lives at risk (2) ex-MI6 chief stresses the importance of security co-operation with EU and that a no deal Brexit means we have to ‘start again .. with a blank sheet of paper’. Should be taken seriously.

Android : If Boris Johnson somehow delivers a Brexit deal, it will be because Labour MPs voted for it. Remainers will not forget that. twitter.com/carolineflintm…

Android : Ex-chancellor Philip Hammond would not support a general election at the moment. I dont think an election solves our problem here #r4today bbc.in/2IEon3n

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Android : The WTO was created 24 years ago, in 1995. This is Britain's Secretary of State for International Trade. twitter.com/trussliz/statu…