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Media Studio : Men-only job postings have no place on social media.

Well show you first-hand how Facebook prevented women from viewing job ads in male-dominated fields — and why we took legal action.

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iPhone : REMINDER: The people impacted by this unilateral decision will be asylum seekers who have already demonstrated a credible fear of persecution, death, or torture in their countries of origin — and Jeff Sessions wants to punish them further.

iPhone : In yet another attack on immigrants’ rights, Jeff Sessions has taken a step toward overturning a legal decision that allows detained asylum seekers the right to a bond hearing.

Instead, he wants to lock them up indefinitely.…

TweetDeck : The practice of shackling pregnant women during childbirth is both shocking and widespread.…

Twitter Web Client : Senators are on notice: If you vote to increase the jailing of immigrant families at the border and continue family separations, we will make sure your constituents remember in November.

Twitter Web Client : Sen. Johnson's bill would:
❌ jail families indefinitely
❌ expand prisons and deportation agents without accountability
❌ threaten children's lives by ending hard-fought legal protections
❌ give the Trump administration leeway to continue separating families

Twitter Web Client : 🚨🚨🚨 While the world is watching to see whether the Trump administration will finally put an end to their family separation crisis, Senator Ron Johnson introduced a bill that would empower the indefinite jailing of kids and families.

Twitter Web Client : If you want the epidemic of police violence to continue without oversight or accountability, listen to the attorney general.

But if you know that communities are better off when police are properly trained and held accountable for their actions, we're with you.

Twitter Web Client : FACT CHECK: Jeff Sessions has nothing to offer when it comes to thoughtful, evidence-based policies that support effective, bias-free, constitutional policing. Period.

The attorney general is being disingenuous.…

TweetDeck : Like everyone else, prisoners are at risk in natural disasters — and because their incarcerated status puts them at the mercy of corrections officials, they are among the most vulnerable.…

TweetDeck : The CIA is getting back into the drone business — here’s why that’s worrying.…

TweetDeck : California can show the country what reproductive justice looks like: This bill will lift barriers to abortion care on public university campuses. It’s just waiting for your signature, Jerry Brown.….

TweetDeck : An anonymous survivor is speaking out: "People like me come from countries where the police and justice system do not protect women and girls. For the United States to deny us refuge says our lives mean nothing."…

TweetDeck : The only difference between Facebook’s ad targeting practice and the sex-segregated classified ads of yore is that Facebook can actually ensure specific ads are ONLY delivered to its male or female users, according to the advertisers’ selection.

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TweetDeck : It's on all of us to fix the systemic problem of harassment, but we do have some digital defense tips for people worried about online attacks after saying #MeToo

You’ve done a brave and powerful thing — you get to pick your battles from here on out.…

TweetDeck : Christine Blasey Ford is receiving death threats, reminding the world that women are often afraid to speak up about sexual assault, for fear of retaliation.

We must change the culture that punishes women for coming forward rather than listening to them.…

Buffer : “We just had to win this one,” says ACLU attorney Lee Gelernt ’88, who argued that Trump administration family-separation policies were unconstitutional. “It cannot be that the government can take children, babies, and toddlers away from their parents.”