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iPhone : What’s happening tonight is a perfect illustration of Anand Giridharadas’s case for why philanthropy is not a replacement for government. Billionaires think they know how to solve public policy problems, fund solutions for a while, then ego (and creeping sense of morality) takes over.

iPhone : White media telling you Bloomberg is progressive β€œexcept for taxes” is white media forgetting that Bloomberg believes that police harassing black people is good policy.
Honestly folks, have a conversation with somebody black sometime.…

iPhone : Nate Silver Dave Weigel Agree, and what they’re doing is the worst possible move. Underrated factor is how 2016 scrambled the industry. All the brand names people trusted turned out to be wrong. Now it’s wide open. So many bad ideas, so much money, very few people willing to say no, this is dumb.

iPhone : Like Dave Weigel said, if donor elites are unhappy with the Top 4, the smart thing for them to do would have been to prop up one of the candidates who are currently in the field (i.e. Booker, Harris, Klob) but not getting traction, all of whom are more plausible than Bloomberg.…

iPhone : .David Axelrod tells Elena Schneider that this is bad for Biden
β€œThere’s no question that Bloomberg’s calculus was that Biden was occupying a space, and the fact that he’s getting in is a clear indication that he’s not convinced Biden has the wherewithal to carry that torch”

iPhone : The American people are super pissed at corporations and the rich. They are the cause of many huge problems and people know it. All we have to do is name the bad guys. But Democrats keep denying themselves this extremely compelling political narrative because we want their money.…

iPhone : The insistence from Democratic loyalists that the party does not exude a certain upper-class aura is increasingly implausible with 2 billionaires and a mega-millionaire seeking the presidency as Democrats.

iPhone : There’s only one way to read this news coupled with Bloomberg: the establishment knows Biden is all over but the crying and Pete has no path to the nomination, probably because he has zero black support and it’s too late to build those relationships.

Warren and Bernie rising.…