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iPhone : OCD?
He's got the attention span of a gnat
If it's NOT all about him, he's not interested
He wasn't supposed to be there in the 1st place, WHY show up just to walk out?
Because he HAD to make it ALL about him
Embarrassing the US on the world stage, once again

iPhone : General Flynn's atty S.Powell said he is invoking his 5th Amendment rights to avoid being “paraded, harassed or disparaged” by Dems on the House Intel Committee. Who's the snowflake now? What a disgrace!!

iPhone : They are breaking the law, in plain sight!
This is not a presidency or an Admin - it's a crime spree!!
How about #InherentContempt ? Fines?
You've got the majority - USE YOUR POWER & put a stop to this once & for all

iPhone : Rep Mandy Powers Norrell It is time crimes against women are no longer minimized. Assault is assault! It has nothing do do with what clothing she is wearing or how much makeup she is wearing. It is violence plain and simple! Quit blaming the victim for being attacked! Hold the attacked accountable!

iPhone : “Rape is not a punishment for getting drunk. And we have this sick mindset in our culture as if you deserve rape if you drink to excess.”

Binge drinking is NOT the cause of rape! RAPISTS are the cause of rape!…

iPhone : On the day this amazing lady was laid to rest, the City is honored to unveil the honorary re-naming of Juniper Street in the Greenview community as Emily E. Clyburn Way. May the love this community has for Ms Emily bring some comfort to her family during this time.

iPhone : April Thomas Rep. Joe Cunningham Joe is one of those candidates who ran for us and works for us with amazing dedication! I appreciate him being so task oriented & not getting sucked into the chaos that seems to be Washington DC lately. He calls a distraction a distraction, & gets the job done! 💙👍

iPhone : Thanks again to everyone who came out for my town hall in Beaufort this Saturday!

Hearing directly from YOU helps me do my job better, plain and simple. Im grateful to everyone who took the time to ask questions and share feedback and ideas.