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Sprout Social : Miss. Snig Hi. Please refer to the 2018 mark scheme for suggested points to include. This can be found on our public website. ^CL

Sprout Social : Jane Masters Hi Jane. We're just getting further clarification on this and will update you as soon as possible. ^JM

Sprout Social : isupporthumanity Hi. Please don't worry - your papers will still be marked. Good luck with all your studies. ^JM

Sprout Social : Jane Masters Hi Jane. We do review all of our qualifications each year, however we currently have no plans to withdraw AS Psychology. We always give plenty of notice when we make changes to qualifications we offer, so teachers and students can always plan ahead. ^ST

Twitter Web App : Today students from Park Community school and athlete mentor hannah beharry from DameKellyHolmesTrust are talking to our staff about the benefits of our #AQAUnlockingPotential programme.

Find out more > #TuesdayMotivation

Twitter Web App : To celebrate 50 years’ delivering Computer Science assessments, we’d love to speak to anyone who studied the subject with AQA between 1970 – 1980.

If this is you or someone you know, please DM us.

Sprout Social : Green Dragon Hello. We charge £43 for an application, and the statement would include all the results we can find based on the information you provide. This service includes results from before and after 2008, and you can find the application form on our website:

Sprout Social : Joshua Samuel ⓥ OCR Eduqas Pearson Edexcel Hi Joshua. For A-level, students will have a choice of what they do for the NEA. iOS/Andriod App development could be a great NEA choice. Why not take the subject further you'll never know you may come to love it. ^CW

Sprout Social : Bethan 🇬🇧 Hello Bethan. School can make arrangements for you to access these questions in a different format. We would recommend you speak to your teacher or exams officer. ^CW

Sprout Social : PriestleyChem ChemEd Xchange Neil Goalby Hi. We recommend what’s been used in the Mark Scheme. An examiner will see what the student has written in the answer booklet and will mark what’s correct. The student wouldn’t be penalised for using the incorrect style of brackets. ^CW

Twitter Web App : Do you know someone who's sitting exams this year? Make sure they are around for #ContingencyDay

Find out more in our latest blog post -

Twitter for Advertisers : What is exam malpractice? In our latest #InsideExams, our Exams Integrity team tells Craig Barton what both teachers and students need to be aware of. Exams officer Jessica Hickey also explains how she keeps her colleagues vigilant during exams season.

Sprout Social : isupporthumanity Hi. We're sorry to hear that you haven't receive your certificate yet. If you need to apply for some replacement certificates then please visit our Past results and lost certificates via this link: ^TC

Sprout Social : RepStar Hi. This resource doesn't relate to the AQA specification. We don't prescribe which religion to study with each topic area. See the specification at a glance for more information: Hope this helps! ^EL

Twitter Web App : Great to see Tes covering the launch of our Student Advisory Group >

Sprout Social : Krish K Hi Krish. Your school will be able to give you a breakdown of your marks and discuss your options with you. ^KG

Twitter Web App : Last night we launched our new Student Advisory Group at a parliamentary reception. Theyll provide our Board of Trustees with a young person’s perspective on key areas of assessment, such as the use of technology and the design of question papers. More >