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Sprout Social : Ian Slade Hi Ian. The question was directly drawn from the specification content, and achievement on this was comparable to other 12 mark questions across the options. The report on the exam explains what was done successfully or could have been improved at each level. ^WL

Sprout Social : g x Hi Georgia. Our deadline for post results services requests is the 19 September. The college can set their own deadline for requests, but all requests have to be requested by the exams officer at your college. ^WL

Sprout Social : Masha Hi Masha. We're afraid you'll need to raise this with the school/college. Could you ask the exams officer to contact us with the details so we can look into it? Thanks ^EL

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Sprout Social : g x Georgia our deadline date for GCSE and A-level normal (not priority) mark review is 19 September, turnaround time 20 days. Hope this helps. ^LK

Sprout Social : g x Hi Georgia. You will need to speak to the exams officer at your school/college, they make applications for our post results services. Details of these can be viewed on our website You will find deadline dates for the mark review. Best wishes. ^LK

Sprout Social : Miss Waldron PE Geeks Sharelearnteach PE Hi Miss Waldron. Additional teacher support materials can be found on our teachers secure site including our teacher resource booklet. Speak with the exams officer for guidance. ^LM

Sprout Social : SteveB Hi Steve. It's worth having a chat with the teacher or Exams Officer about this as marks can go up, down or stay the same. You can find out more on our post-results services page: For a review of marking the exams officer can help with that. ^LM

Sprout Social : SteveB Hi Steve. That's correct. This is clarified on the grade boundary document. ^IA

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Sprout Social : SteveB Hi Steve. We don't set grade requirements for any of our qualifications both at GCSE and A level. We'd recommend speaking to your local schools to discuss what they'll accept. ^IA

Sprout Social : abi✨ Hi Abi. A review of marking is completed within 20 calendar days. The number of papers you request does not impact the timescale. You should receive the outcome of both papers within 20 days. ^IA

Sprout Social : Indigo Lousie Hello. We recommend clearing cookies and cache and trying a different browser. If that doesn’t work, can you send a screenshot to so we can help further? Thanks! ^FJ

Sprout Social : tony redmond Hi Tony. We don’t hold information on how long schools/colleges take to teach our qualifications. Students are simply entered when they’re ready to sit the exams. ^FJ

Twitter Web App : Teachers - come along to explore student misconceptions around applying knowledge in unfamiliar contexts and understanding equations at different levels of demand.

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Sprout Social : oliviahodgson AQA English Hi Olivia. The percentage for AQA can be found JCQ publishes statistics showing student performance across all exam boards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. See for further information. ^LM

Sprout Social : Hafsa Bobat Hi Hafsa. We're getting some clarification on this and will get back in touch as soon as we can. ^LM

Sprout Social : James Murr Hi James. They'll not be able to confirm results to us due to GDPR. The process takes 20 working days. See for more information on the process. ^LM