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Bio Author: Land of the Wilted Rose (Rupa); For Love & Honour (Bloomsbury); The Rat Eater (Juggernaut). Consulting Editor & Columnist: Swarajya. RT ≠ Endorsement.
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Android : Anand Ranganathan Not sure about how befitting the 'brilliant' part is but being called a 'boffin' truly made my day! 😂 And here's hoping transgenerational epigenetic inheritance takes over somehow. 🍹

Android : This is unacceptable. Shame on those who are rejoicing at his arrest. Your hypocrisy disgusts me.

Release Hegde immediately. #IStandWithMaheshHegde…

Android : True. But you can't use the same word and connotate it with a new meaning.

Like for example, the Left has appropriated for it the labels Liberal and Progressive. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are "Liberal" and "Progressive", which means Illiberal and Regressive.…

Twitter Web Client : Every tenth tweet of the RW has the word Elite; every fifth article mentions it in some context.

Elite is NOT a put-down. The mediocre love being called that. Because they are anything but Elite. To be an Elite is to be a brilliant, kind, well-read, intelligent meritocrat. WDTT

Twitter Web Client : The chicanery, shameless hypocrisy, and selective outrage of the liberal mafia has been exposed, and now that it has, watch them set in motion on an infinite loop the boring cycle of victimhood, says Vikram Sampath in this scathing and BRILLIANT piece.…

Twitter Web Client : Rationalists like the brilliant boffin T, are epigenetic mutants. 99.99% of their genome is like the rest of the irrational & faith-entrenched humanity - even their progeny might be devoid of the mutations they carry and thus become believers.

Fleeting flag-bearers.💪

Twitter Web Client : Accept defeat like I have.

Two billion people cheered when Pope Francis anointed Mother Teresa a Saint because a locket bearing her photo when kept under the pillow by a woman cured her of cancer.

The death of rationalism is followed by the birth of saints.…

Twitter Web Client : I know of ONLY ONE Indian liberal brave enough to tell the story that must not be told. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. The true liberal.

Dr Ambedkar on Islam. HIDDEN by the Historians on this, HATED by the Left for this. #AmbedkarJayanti…

Twitter Web Client : Last sermon of Tamil jihadi who blew himself up in Sri Lanka.
Islam doesnt permit standing up for countrys flag. Hindus, Xtians, Budhdhists r Kafirs. Allah created this land for Muslims; Kafirs have right to live, but only Muslims have right to rule.

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Android : #RahulLieFactory | You have to be from the same planet as Rahul Gandhi to take him seriously: Anand Ranganathan, Scientist & Author

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Android : There are only two kinds of people in a democracy, one who respects the judiciary and the one who thinks they are the judiciary, Rahul Gandhi thinks he is the judiciary: Anand Ranganathan, Author & Scientist to Rahul Shivshankar on India Upfront | #RahulFakeFacts

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Twitter Web Client : This is UNENDING. Muslim mobs disrupt Hindu religious processions at MULTIPLE PLACES on Ram Navami, do STONE-PELTING; Muslim lies down in front of Hanuman Jayanti shobha yatra to halt it. NO outrage.

Intolerance? What intolerance? Hold on to your awards.…

Twitter Web Client : Amazing replies to this tweet. Even hard-core BJP-supporters, though unhappy, are reverential and wishing him well. "Galti kar di bhai but good luck."

Any politician would die for such goodwill. Well, be the best at what you do and love your country and you will receive it.…

Android : #RahulJhootJumla | Rahul Gandhi has not apologised for chowkidar chor hai and still believes in it: Anand Ranganathan, Author & Scientist in conversation with Rahul Shivshankar.

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