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iPhone : Just before bed, I remembered this was a thing in #Zelda Ocarina of Time. If im@having nightmares, so are you

iPhone : Liv Lame...

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iPhone : welcome to my new website "is it soup yet" where the first page is a bowl of water and each page slowly adds more ingredients until you, the viewer, votes on whether it is soup yet

iPhone : My team just told me they put up the wrong version of "esports" in the title. We will change it reflect the proper version which is of course "EsPoRtZ".

A thousand apologies.

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iPhone : He aggressively pat me on the back before getting off at his stop 😅

iPhone : Just has my first random drunk guy on the subway tell me my new tattoo is “beautiful” so... that’s cool

iPhone : I'm more than a decade into my design career and I still don't understand blend modes.

Soft Light? Hmm not quite.
Overlay? Maybe!
Hard Light? This never looks good.
Difference? This is pointless.
Exclusion? Wow. Who uses this?

iPhone : Who in design twitter has a good iOS Sketch file I can borrow? This is a headache 😫

iPhone : Also, the Sketch library for Apple seems to be ONLY iOS 13 Beta UI and... totally deprecates a non-iPhoneX keyboard asset? What? Why?


iPhone : Also, depending which tab your on changes the order of the tabs—which is confusing.