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Bio Mythicist Milwaukee Director & podcast co-host. Mythcon and MINDS IRL organizer.
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iPhone : Twitter doesn’t want this video shown. Threatening account suspension of shared. #RETWEEET…

Android : Five days ago I released a podcast. It has been listened to by over 100,000 people. If you search twitter you will see that it generates an enormous amount of interest except from two groups: the news & professors. They are not disinterested, but anti-interested. Except for Greg.…

Twitter Web App : 🎃 MindShiftPodcast 🎃 Im an #Excult member!

I dont believe in the #AntiCult movements ideology & interpretation of my minority religious experience any more.

Will I still benefit from your podcast?

Or do I have to believe in the #anticultmovement narrative of my life to benefit?


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Android : Update: As many know I have a passion for rescuing captive sex slaves. Ive decided that Ive been shot at one too many times.😉 From now on Ill be using the sale of my Life Re-invention solutions to raise money for people already on the ground. I really appreciate your support!

iPhone : Kyle Cannillo People keep blaming Ray for the goaltending but when he arrived Cory’s $42m 7 year contract hadn’t started yet, NJD hadn’t drafted a real G prospect in 5 yrs & had nothing promising in the pipeline. Hard to solve the problem of CS falling apart after 1 good year.

iPhone : Sarah Phillimore Plus: glossary does not define gender or gender identity (though gender identity is defined later). Sexual orientation is defined via gender

Twitter for iPad : There seems to be a circular reasoning involved in trans advocacy for puberty blockers in children.

Many trans individuals argue they wish they had access to puberty blockers as children, so in turn they feel they are helping children today by fighting to keep them legal.

Having just completed our 5th move in under 2 years, 140 characters of uninterrupted thought is really my max anyway.

Instagram : @Shoalanmystique 🚨🚨🚨 Party With the Cities Flyest People This Saturday T-Bomb / Harlem Nights ATL ( 201 Courtland St) #DestinationSaturdays #SaturdayNightVibes ...💃💃💃...EVERYONE ENTERS FREE w/RSVP🙌🙌🙌... Drink……

iPhone : If my hat offends you, youre not a real libertarian. No evidence suggests it is hurting the party, only that it is creating more libertarians. Instead, you self consciously fear judgement by others of your association to someone who refuses to live according to societal norms.…

laominhangone : Any overcoming of desire empowers us. We have all the more control over this world as we take our distance from it, when we do not commit to it. Renunciation confers limitless power Emile Cioran

iPhone : The popular pro-Bernie Sanders subreddit r/SandersForPresident says it is “removing all content from CNN for the foreseeable future” because “they have abandoned their journalistic integrity”: CNN’s debate “has been criticized across the entire ideological spectrum of media.”