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Twitter Web App : Marshall Auerback How was the cocooning even going to work? What was the plan to prevent what is actually happening now, which is care staff bringing the virus into homes and quickly infecting most of the residents

Twitter Web App : Marshall Auerback There was no real plan. No effort to do resting and tracing. No effort to ensure NHS staff had sufficient PPE. Even if what you are saying is true, and I find it dubious based on what we’ve seen in other countries, there still obviously needs to be an inquiry

Twitter Web App : julia blunck I don’t really have a favoured causal theory, but it’s hard to look at both UK media coverage of the pandemic and prominent journalists’ tweets over the past couple of months and conclude everything is functioning properly

Twitter Web App : I really hope that when someone writes a definitive history of this, stuff like this makes it in

iPhone : Tom, Esq 🔶 💚 #FBPE Matt Forde Some of my in-laws are refugees from Hussein who left in the early 90s. They had family and friends disappeared by him. Others left as late as 2006 and experienced the war. They’ve got family who are still in Iraq. He was an evil tyrant and what our gov inflicted was still worse

Twitter Web App : People complaining that there are too many people in parks/bridges etc might like to bear in mind that this is also a prime example of government failure, by which public spaces have increasingly become privatised, closed off, or developed into property

Twitter Web App : Five London bus drivers have now died of coronavirus. Awful. unitetheunion.org/news-events/ne…

Twitter Web App : John C. Dvorak Who? I think it's just people spontaneously complaining that London is busy because everyone else is doing the same thing they're doing, going outside, because it's the only thing they're allowed to do other than sitting at home

Twitter Web App : Lots of tweets informing us that London is a densely populated city today

Twitter Web App : Sean Biggerstaff I think he's made it really obvious what he is. It's the same with that column about politics actually being important now because of COVID. For whatever reason he's not really capable of understanding other people's suffering as important