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Academic Chatter : 1. I’ve got you
2. Our gov and scientists have got you 🇨🇦
3. Here’s what empathy looks like

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Academic Chatter : Need some help #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter in reviewing an MS. The methods are inspired by another study, which is completely cool! But the sentences are too similar, except a word or two. Would you insist the authors to make their method sound originally written?

Twitter Web App : Can anyone offer some #APA citation help? I'm citing a report by an organisational author which is often known by initials. Have spelt it out in the reference (British Banana Benders. (2017).) but used initials in the citation (BBB, 2017). Is this correct? Academic Chatter

Academic Chatter : As well as digital infrastructure it forces us to create a physical home working environment
Heating bills will be higher for having to heat our houses 7 days a week
Backs will be sore because we dont have proper chair/screen/desk setup etc.
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Twitter Web App : It does not matter, if others think you are too something...

...too ambitious, too lazy, too cool, too nice, too loud, too shy...

The only thing that matters is to know where you want to go in life and then to find people who want the same.

Academic Chatter

Twitter Web App : Im back off leave today so Im a bit behind everyone else but here is my obligatory home office set up picture 😁 and yes I did get dressed to come to work today but well see how long that habit lasts! #WorkFromHome #StayHome Academic Chatter PhD Forum

Academic Chatter : Seriously I've lost my brain.. I keep reading similar articles to make an experimental plan but nooo I really can't understand anything. I just wanna cry now. But the lab is full of lab members. So I shouldn't.. Academic Chatter

Academic Chatter : Anyone got any good online resources to learn a bit about qualitative methods (especially interviewing)? If poss, with applications in health. I know this won't beat some F-2-F teaching but, needs must... #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter

Academic Chatter : First I felt relief, then anger. It took a global pandemic to reconsider making a profit off Americas young people? #AcademicChatter

Academic Chatter : With no office to go to, I’m finding it really hard to get out of bed on these chilly mornings... a problem considering my peak productivity is during the morning 😔 #phdchat #AcademicChatter

Academic Chatter : No blind, no problem! Use an old fabric poster (circa 2016)! Works perfectly, but I do now have to stare at that awful bar chart all day - 2016 me didnt even include SE bars, let alone violin/raincloud distributions! #barbarplots #WFH #AcademicChatter

Twitter Web App : So, I am in a lot of shoulder pain, probably from working on a laptop that wasn't made for desktop work. Any tips on how to elevate the laptop? It's on a book right now, but I guess I need a more permanent option. RT is always appreciated. Academic Chatter

Academic Chatter : Reading through articles this morning only to find I have previously only read the second half of an article (I wonder what I was doing?)

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