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iPhone : The son of two Boston Police Dept. officers sang from the bottom of his heart during the national anthem ahead of the New England New England Patriots preseason game. #ProudAmerican

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iPhone : China's Oil
- top crude suppliers, 2017

Russia: 14%
Saudi Arabia: 12%
Angola: 12%
Iraq: 9%
Iran: 7%
Oman: 7%
Brazil: 5%
Venezuela: 5%
Kuwait: 4%
UAE: 2%
Others: 21%

👆Imports average of 8.47 million barrels/day

- rounded, figures may not equal 100%

iPhone : It appears that Iran's foreign minister learned his Iranian history from the CIA's self-aggrandizing, and false, account. twitter.com/Doranimated/st…

iPhone : Flashback: Ben Rhodes gleefully bragged to NYT that to sell Iran deal he created echo chamber of experts who said what we had given them to say & journalists who literally know nothing.

PolitiFact response: More context needed.

iPhone : Why cant Iran act like a normal country? Why is it always the language of blackmail and extortion (and Death To XYZ) with these guys?

iPhone : Awkward choice of words on the 2 year anniversary of Team Obama confessing they linked $1.7 billion cash payment to Iran to hostage release. twitter.com/DanielBShapiro…

iPhone : mullahs, midterms & more flexibility? ‘await until America is softened up’ | #Iran mullahs betting the .Donald J. Trump administration may become weaker over time | maintain maximum-pressure campaign and negotiating demands Mark Dubowitz Ray Takeyh
nypost.com/2018/08/19/how… twitter.com/mdubowitz/stat…

iPhone : Any negotiations with the IRI should be time-limited and Washington must be prepared to leave the table when it confronts the usual pattern of regime bombast and mendacity. Insist on direct talks with the supreme leader, as with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Rouhani is a lame duck. twitter.com/mdubowitz/stat…

iPhone : The Caspian Sea Convention, dished out by Putin, is as much of a diplomatic dog's dinner as the Obama-cooked "nuke deal".
Difference is that Obama agreed that no one should sign anything while Putin insisted on signature making it difficult for mullahs to play game of taqiyeh.

iPhone : John Bolton says in addition to Russia, there’s sufficient national security concern over China, Iran, and North Korea meddling. Those are the four countries we’re most concerned about for the 2018 elections.

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iPhone : Saudi #Aramco, for now the world’s top oil producer, is doing its part to meet this future demand, according to Aramco’s annual report; the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2017 New Policies Scenario #SaudiArabia oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-…

iPhone : #JohnBrennan’s Security Clearance -- Former CIA Head Deserved to Lose It.
1) Lying to Congress.
2) Accusations of Treason against a Sitting President; #JamesClapper similarly flat-out accused POTUS of treason, being a spy.
3) Hired Political Commentary.

iPhone : Nearly half of Russians “don’t know anything” about Prague Spring, a third say Soviets right to invade, and a fifth think it was all a Western plot. My preview of new Левада-Центр poll on 50th anniversary, reflects “Brezhnev-era propaganda,” says pollster. theguardian.com/world/2018/aug…

iPhone : James D. Jameson Victor Davis Hanson | only be prudent for foreign investors to ask: if insiders are selling and moving money out, should we be moving money in and buying? | legal system still offers few protections for investors; “smart” capital flowing out #China victorhanson.com/wordpress/chin…

iPhone : Chinese Eurasianism –if the Belt and Road Initiative #BRI is successful – will give Beijing new foreign policy tools to use against Washington; prove to be more threatening to the US in the long run than the USSR was during the Cold War #China BESA Center besacenter.org/perspectives-p…

iPhone : Contrary to what is written so often and so erroneously by academics, US has never deployed a #regime_change strategy against the Islamic Republic. FDDs Iran Project Reuel Marc Gerecht, Ray Takeyh #Iran actually an #Iranian initiative, not a #CIA-run plot defenddemocracy.org/media-hit/the-…