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Android : A bit of casual racism against whites, threats of violence against #TommyRobinson & threats to go to his home where his wife is & inane Islamic ramblings
Will the police do anything about this? Of course not, it’s Tommy Robinson so different rules apply

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Android : Today’s arrest after the milkshake was thrown on Nigel Farage is further proof, not that any was needed, of the two tiered policing system in the UK

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Android : Far left thug has thrown a brick at Tommy Robinson’s campaign screen, these continued attacks are being promoted by the media, the left & politicians who find it funny.

This behaviour is unacceptable!!!

#VoteTommy #MEP

Android : Nigel Farage had a milkshake thrown at him during a Brexit Party walkabout in Newcastle City Centre.

The left can’t debate as they know they have nothing to contribute so they resort to abuse & violence

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Android : Delicious! All that appeasement & still they turn on you 😂

Accept it Jess - Islam is aberrantly homophobic, it’s preached in madrassas & mosques throughout the land. They have not evolved since the 7th century teachings of Islam

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Android : Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe increased 725% between 2007-2017

The cowardice/inaction of our politicians has nurtured this issue.
Anyone who screams racist, Islamophobe etc to those who speak out - you are part of the problem

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Android :…


We have taken time to look at the relationship of the far-left with Muslim extremists. Its a strange love for sure; we assume its a matter of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”

Android : Loony lefty goes to the Sargon of Akkad UKIP MEP campaign to protest

Great points he makes, very well articulated & he makes total sense 🤪🤪

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Android : BREAKING NEWS: #Breaking: Just in - Reports that undocumented immigrants are protesting in the Charles de Gaulle Airport in #Paris right now and wont let people board their flights until they meet and talk with with the prime minister Édouard Philippe of #France,

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Android : Bootle - Antifa, SUTR/UAF, union & socialist groups out in force

Look at them trying to attack James Goddard then singing ‘if it wasn’t for the bizzies you’d be dead’

All they know is violence, Antifa are domestic terrorists & should be proscribed as such

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