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iPhone : Chris Ray Gun My parents have that same gold ass trumbone on their tree since I remember (I’m currently 33) what the actual hell was going on with Christmas and trumbones?!

iPhone : Colin Moriarty This has got to be the most dramatic, non-sensical, maddening field to work in. I have peers I don’t care for/disagree with, but I don’t air my dirty laundry on social media. I’d be fired. No wonder it exhausted you to the point of leaving before. Happy you’re back now though.

iPhone : Gregg Doyel 15mins way from my house. I’d invite you over for leftover cold pizza we were gonna throw out, but I’m working today. Looking forward to the read about the place my wife and I walk.

iPhone : Brian Altano Colin Moriarty Did you miss this quote when Colin responded to Jake regarding his data (Alexa) he was using?

“But hey, maybe your guys stats show something different. I'd love to talk”

I feel like you did, because you’re kinda just being a jackass.