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Twitter Web Client : Success is not something you hack. Effort is not something you sidestep.

For any goal worth achieving, there aren't many shortcuts. The long way feels slow, but that's the point.


Twitter Web Client : Surprising: initiating conversations with strangers makes commutes more pleasant for introverts, not just extraverts.

Unanswered: is it only true if you're the one initiating the conversation?

~Introvert who prefers to work in silence while commuting…

Twitter Web Client : Self-care is a valuable skill. Community care is a vital system.

Instead of relying on a single source of support, form a network of givers.

Lone helpers get overloaded quickly. Groups of helpers have each other's backs.


Twitter Web Client : Don’t confuse stress with burnout.

Feeling overwhelmed sometimes is normal—it signals responsible engagement in meaningful work.

Burnout is persistent, impairing emotional exhaustion. It stems from too many demands—and too little control and support.…

Twitter Web Client : Over time, your accomplishments hinge less on your innate intelligence and more on your earned wisdom.

Invest in the next generation. Share the knowledge and skills you've gained. Be an instructor, not just an innovator.

Arthur Brooks #ThursdayThoughts:…

Twitter Web Client : Worry less about what's "on brand" and more about what's in character.

Your reputation should be a side effect of your values, not a direct target of your actions.

Image is a byproduct, not a goal.


Twitter Web Client : We need to remove the stigma and improve the pay and quality of part-time jobs.

64% of part-time workers prefer it that way, and 20% of full-time would rather be part-time.

Your worth is not determined by the number of hours you work.


Twitter Web Client : The ideal response to failure isn't dogged persistence. It's having the discipline to analyze your mistakes and the willpower to fix them.

Success is going from failure to failure without failing to learn. Learning is refusing to fail the same way twice.


iPhone : Be proud of your kids for what they achieve. Be prouder of them for what they contribute.

A core lesson for parents to teach: the joy of cultivating a skill lies not in hoarding it, but in sharing it.

Happy #FathersDay

Twitter Web Client : The evidence against the death penalty:

(1) Injustice: it condemns innocent people. ~100 innocent Americans are currently on death row
(2) Cost: it’s more expensive than life in prison
(3) Deterrence: it's not effective in preventing crime

Nicholas Kristof:…

Twitter Web Client : For every person who succeeds, there are many equally talented and driven who never got a break.

Remembering that makes us more generous: after reflecting on times they were lucky, people were 25% more likely to donate to charity.


Twitter Web Client : Creativity depends on a combination of patience and impatience.

You need the impatience to dive into a problem today and the patience to wait for better solutions tomorrow.


Twitter Web Client : Reflection becomes rumination when you're no longer learning.

If you find yourself reviewing old mistakes without gaining new insights, stop reflecting on the past and start experimenting in the present.

New experiences lay the foundation of future reflection.


Twitter Web Client : Feedback doesn't have to be objective to be helpful. People can't improve if they don't know how their actions affect others.

Constructive feedback describes:
(1) The situation
(2) The behavior
(3) The impact it had on you or others


Twitter Web Client : Stupidity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
Naivete is doing a different thing and expecting the same result.

Changing habits is hard. Sometimes you can't progress unless you're willing to regress.

One step back, two steps forward.


Twitter Web Client : Weak leaders make excuses for violating principles: "I know this is wrong, but I have no choice."

Strong leaders refuse to compromise on values. They recognize that they have the power to create choices—and they take responsibility for making them.


iPhone : You can have good judgment without being judgmental.

If you’re quick to reject people and ideas, you miss out on diamonds on the rough.

The goal is to be discerning, not dismissive. Look for the potential in people and ideas.


Twitter Web Client : When bullies hurl insults, teach kids to take the wind out of their sails:

"It’s a free country. It’s ok if you don’t want to play with me"
“If I’m not invited, I won’t come. I hope you have a great party”

(May apply to adult bullies too)


Twitter Web Client : Selfish leaders put themselves first, and leave relationships at risk.

Selfless leaders put others first, and leave results at risk.

Servant leaders put the mission first, and leave the world better than they found it.


Twitter Web Client : Elite athletes and musicians rarely specialize early. They go through a "sampling period" where they develop a range of skills and interests.

For performance and creativity, start broad, then go deep, and go broad again.

#WednesdayWisdom David Epstein:…