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iPhone : Our friends Kremlin Annex are being charged $120/day per permit by the National Park Service. We are OUTRAGED. Help us have their backs!

Support the permit costs here:…

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iPhone : at least there’s no video

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iPhone : The Park Service are trying to silence our friends Kremlin Annex! 573 days of no permits required and not they want them to pay $120 a day per permit to keep making their voices heard! Please chip in to support these ridiculous costs:…

iPhone : This is total bullshit!
Our friends Kremlin Annex have received warnings that after 573 days they can no longer amplify their voices without a permit. The permits cost $120 per day of protesting. Please join us in supporting those costs here:…

iPhone : “Four score and seven years ago.”
- Lincoln

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

“Ask not what your country can do for you… ask what you can do for your country.”

“Mr. Gorbachev… tear down that wall.”
- Reagan

“I grabbed her by the pussy.”
- Trump…

iPhone : Okay, Brad Pitt. We see you. "They told me I have 45 seconds up here, which is more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week. Maybe Quentin will make a movie about it and in the end the adults will do the right thing." #oscars

iPhone : This is worth a watch and retweet

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iPhone : Please help us raise the 30 days of $120 per day permit fee so we can begin applying for permits on Monday and avoid being shutdown by the National Park Service. We have been going strong for 572 days and this is the first time we have received warnings…

iPhone : this is hilarious

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iPhone : 573 days ago we started protests at the Kremlin Annex, formerly known as the White House. Fitting the Park Service all of a sudden wants sound amplification permits for the protests. Please consider retweeting and making a contribution to cover costs here:…

iPhone : I was proud to be a cofounder of the Kremlin Annex protests outside the White House for the past 572 days. It's a disgrace the Park Service is now trying to silence them by requiring a costly daily permit. Let's all step up & help cover the new fees:

iPhone : Kremlin Annex protesters camped outside the White House and yelled “Lock him up!” at Trump as he and Melania arrived home. To keep these protests going, please help pay for the daily permits the Park Service is now demanding:

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iPhone : I'm just watching this clip over and over again and howling with laughter all alone on the bed at 1.30am. It's the best Saturday night I've had for years.…