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Twitter Web App : Steve H Wait if the circuits have issued contradictory rulings, how and why did SCOTUS deny the cert petition? I thought straightening stuff like that was a primary duty of the court.

Twitter Web App : Steve H Whoa. So what wouldn't apply to commercial software, built by a software company? Ie no brick and mortar that a customer could walk into. Am I understanding that correctly?

Twitter Web App : Answer seems to be: "nobody knows." There's various a11y guidelines and compliances, but no codified legal standard for what's required, which is still evolving via case law.

(please tell me if that's wrong!)

Twitter Web App : Tom Dale Ben Lesh I hope so. Ben seemed like he was trying to moderate on the underlying terrible take. He probably wasn't the best target for this QT but I love both of you so I'm over it :)

Twitter Web App : Chris Thoburn Ok ... IANAL - what are the legal requirements for web sites? Commerce has to be functional on AT? All images have to have src?

Again just wondering if anyone following me is an expert here and might like to share some knowledge

Twitter Web App : NikkiMassaroKauffman You'll be relieved to know that I am not distressed in the least.

As to the rest, keep in mind that you're wholly unaware of what I'm building now, or previously, and so probably aren't in a good position to judge whether it's "broken."