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iPhone : i took these on an old medium format film camera and they make me want to move to the desert and never come back

iPhone : i avoid going to the movies but i figured J.K. Rowling would be disappointed if i didn’t go see #FantasticBeasts on opening weekend.

iPhone : gettin coffee and going to a movie by myself. y’all consider this a date?

iPhone : it’s easy for me to tweet and invite people but 1000000000% more effort comes from anna who spends ALL DAY cooking and doesn’t eat until everyone else has. thank you my queen anna you are the best.

iPhone : Every year my girlfriend and i invite random people from twitter who have no thanksgiving plans over for a dinner. another successful year!!

iPhone : people are starting to show up to my twitter thanksgiving party. first order of business: flamethrower.

iPhone : 🦁 so in elementary school we learned something called contractions. you can shorten two words like “did not” by using punctuation. that’s what i did here. i said “didn’t” which means “did not”. how near is that!!

iPhone : Red Dead Redemption 2 is the most fun i’ve had playing a video game since Skyrim. i’m obsessed