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iPhone : School officials stated β€œwe have received the donation with words of β€˜Hope students who have difficulty hearing can enjoying music together in various ways’” The school is planning to use the donation on expanding students music education and art performances.

iPhone : BTS RM revealed to have donated β‚©100M(~$84K USD) to Seoul Samsung Special School for students with hearing impairment to use for music education for his birthday.

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Twitter Web App : There is only iPhone X/XS/XS Max option... My iPhone 8 Plus cant relate....

iPhone : It will be applied to various fashion items including T shirt, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Canvas Bag, and Phone cases

Customers will be able to choose everything from color, material, design patterns, and character artworks or choose designer designed products.

iPhone : The service which will be offered worldwide excluding Europe is a new online fashion platform that focuses on millennial generation who likes to express and empathizes their characteristics

iPhone : Starting from 19th, Line Friends will be offering online customizing fashion platform β€˜Line Friends Creator’ Service that can create fashion item based on their taste and lifestyle twitter.com/gingerol95/sta…

iPhone : [OFFICIAL] BH β€œPerformance on US β€˜Jingle Ball’? Will release schedules once confirmed” twitter.com/newsen_t/statu…

iPhone : One article saids that BTS will be performing for this year’s iHeartRadio Jingle Balls. The line up and the official date will be released in fall season. It is most likely that BTS will perform in LA stop.

Hmm let’s wait for the confirmation

iPhone : Hello Jinnie

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iPhone : BTS!!!! Have fun where ever you are going πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

I’m so late πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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