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iPhone : He looks so confused after falling 🥺 I-

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iPhone : [#ONEDREAM_TXTㅣ1회/예고] 반짝반짝 다섯 소년들의 ONE DREAM을 향한 리얼 성장기!

#TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER 가 여러분의 낮잠이 되어서 같이 꿈을 꾸고 싶대요 💗

#투모로우바이투게더 비밀스런 30일기
<ONE DREAM.TXT> 6/27(목) #첫방송 저녁9시30분 #Mnet

#수빈 #연준 #범규 #태현 #휴닝카이

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iPhone : Dear 20 to One.
Tonight on your program you featured the Korean boy band, 방탄소년단, in your countdown. Many Australian ARMY anticipated it at first, only to be extremely disappointed by your report. You described us as crazy fans, purposely chose clips of BTS voices cracking, +

iPhone : MTPR x BTS color lens package has BTS’ pop art image on it and used eco friendly paper approved by FSC.

After the release of ‘DNA’ and ‘IDOL’ Metapho SC revealed they will be releasing ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA’ themed ‘PERSONA’ lens on late August.…

iPhone : Metapho SC will be releasing BTS themed color lens MTPR x BTS on June 27

The lens have monthly and daily ver. IDOL 4 colors <GREY, HAZEL, OLIVE GREEN, BLUE> DNA 4 Colors <BROWN, PINK, BLUE, LIGHT BLUE> total of 8 colors

iPhone : Muster Voice Key holder

🐿ARMY! Welcome we have been waiting for you
🐨Everyone who came to Magic Shop! Welcome
🐱Do you want to drink a warm cup of tea together?
🐰A present for ARMYs who came to Magic Shop
🐯Take a comfortable rest for a while here
🐹ARMY here here! Come fast!…