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iPhone : When the state mandates on 6+ hour shifts, employees must receive a 30 minute unpaid break which also means you can’t be called from your break to do work off the clock

iPhone : Wonder when my job is going to realize not allowing me breaks on 7 hour shifts isn’t going to make me want to come to work

iPhone : I also don’t like people. So why would I wanna do a job like that? When I could just be in front of a computer working with only those within my company. Not patients who don’t listen to my advice

iPhone : 3) computer science is just as difficult as PT. Just bc you’re going for PT doesn’t make you smarter or better than anyone. You can’t code as much as I can’t do organic chemistry

iPhone : This girl I work with thinks bc she’s going to school for PT, her finals are so much harder than mine. 1) homegirl we got into the same school and I got a bigger scholarship than you 2) I had potential in both the PT and PA programs but opted out bc I didn’t wanna do 6-7 years

iPhone : Forever looking for a job that doesn’t give me severe anxiety 🙃🙃🙃🙃

iPhone : Every time i hear the phone ring at work I feel my heart drop into my stomach bc the amount of rude customers I’ve had calling incessantly has given me so much anxiety it’s not been funny

iPhone : Love when insta glitches and loads all the likes from my last 2 pics but I think I got a popular pic 💕💕💕

iPhone : This Friday is going to be the first day since August where I won’t have anything work/school related to worry about and I’m so excited for it

iPhone : So today @ the bills game. This guy was hardcore hitting on the girls in front of us and they clearly weren’t interested. So at one point he says “if the bills win you have to give me a high five”. The girls got up and left 💀💀💀

iPhone : S/O to the 3 different people who called 10+ times each because they think they’re too entitled to leave a message!!!!!!

iPhone : I wonder if I’ll ever talk to a guy that doesn’t make incessant jokes about butt stuff 🙃🙃🙃

iPhone : My friend was telling me about this girl he was talking to. Didn’t give an @ or even a name and within a minute I found her insta. He does “fbi agent I see”…

iPhone : People don’t understand twitter apparently and i have Kanye muted. But that doesn’t stop the quoted tweets. I still see the quoted tweets with a link to his tweet. Just his tweet doesn’t show up for me. Figured I’d educate you all 🤗🤗🤗