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iPhone : 29/ So, what we know from polling, as well as this “unofficial” document, is that the Gilets Jaunes are comprised of mostly far-right protestors who are making far-right demands. I’m open 2 changing my mind on this if new info comes in

But, that's what the current evidence says

iPhone : The Black Caucus rigidly supports a strict seniority system, b/c most Black members are in safe districts, & b/c they worry Black members will be shut out of power if things are less formulaic.

Younger members want term limits, because they don’t want to wait 25 years for power.…

iPhone : Comedians on Twitter pre-2016:

I like my steak the way I like my Pokémon cards, rare!

Comedians on Twitter post-2016:

Today I was blocked by the undersecretary of the Department of Education for an essay I wrote on how fundamental rights of the electorate being impinged by ch

iPhone : Day of Infamy: I’m saddened that, for the first time, no remaining survivors of the #USSArizona will attend the Pearl Harbor memorial. I will be forever grateful for the time we got to spend with them and the lessons they taught us 2 years ago. #GreatestGeneration 🇺🇸🦅

iPhone : Some of this description reeks of elitism, even while criticizing it, but it’s notable that even people like Douthat can tell something is terribly broken.…

iPhone : For years I've been trying to find *my people*, while refusing to look in the most obvious place of all.

I'm glad I finally looked, because here they are. 💚 #VetsOrganize

iPhone : This weekend, I joined 30 likeminded veterans from around the US for the Veterans Organizing Institute - a program that trains progressive veterans to organize for change in our communities. So thankful for the tools, knowledge, and friendships I made here! #VetsOrganize

iPhone : *So many* incredible veterans in this cohort. This cycle we received 3x’s more applications including a couple of international submissions.

It’s always so moving & powerful to see what too many say is impossible & hope embodied in this room #VetsOrganize

iPhone : I am getting push back on a records request I have submitted because they claim the records I am seeking "would tend to inflame the passions of the public." Thanks for confirming that my request is newsworthy, I guess, but there's no "inflamed passions" exemption in the law.

iPhone : It continues to amaze me how these suckers join the administration. They must know there’s zero chance of it ending well for their reputation, no matter what.…