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Twitter Web Client : Noelia #DodoSquad 🌙 yoga. CBD oil is great. there this app… which I've heard is great. if it is very bad, I'd speak to a doctor. clinical anxiety is scary but can definitely be managed! don't worry, there are many things that can help you! just breathe + try to slow down ❤️

Twitter Web Client : Noelia #DodoSquad 🌙 i'm so sorry to hear that, and i get it too. have you seen a doctor about it? there are many things you can do for anxiety, but it depends on the severity. there are kundalini breathing exercises you can do, meditation, walks in nature. Sometimes i listen to an audio book or do-

Twitter Web Client : ㅤchristel. 🌙 it seems like you really need to do some self-care! I'm trying a thing where I take five deep breaths when I start to feel like I'm running + running. Just slow down for a moment, put your hands on your heart. in the long run, you may need to shift your schedule to be healthier-

Twitter Web Client : we were there when they were testing for this, crossing our fingers that the buckets full of crystal clear, Antarctic water they pulled from the sea around us would be plastic-free. the effects of our actions as humans are everywhere. we need to change the way we live.…

Twitter Web Client : beatriz of course I'm angry, but I want to channel that anger in to action, to helping people who are doing positive things, to doing something, otherwise that anger will just eat me up. in my opinion, it's important to get angry, but i prefer to use that energy for good when i can.

Twitter Web Client : to create space for us all to exist together. to build bridges, not keep burning them down and reinforcing how separate we all are. we all live on this planet together, after all.

Twitter Web Client : but there are so many incredible things happening for women in this time- it's a time where change actually does seem possible, where the system feels like it's actually capable of shifting, even if it takes time. that makes me excited. we need to work together- all of us humans-

Twitter Web Client : i deleted my tweet earlier because i think i could have said that better. i celebrate women, all women, and am saddened by the misogyny, racism, anger and political rage in reaction to #celebratewomen it's just an indication of how far we have to go to create a balanced + healthy

Twitter Web Client : I celebrate these women bigtime. Whoa. Brave. Hundreds and hundreds poachers are killed trying to protect wildlife- it is a terrifying job and these women are doing it, and with a smile. #CelebrateWomen…

Twitter Web Client : hi everyone! sorry i've been silent. i've been up to my eyeballs in everything lately. a lot lot going on on every front, and haven't felt very much like being on social media. i'll be back soon! xx

Twitter Web Client : Such a nice piece on my friend Kristin Ess - she and I had some serious fun with my very long, very red hair back in the day. I love the story behind why she did her line and am very proud of her, it's been a long time coming + the line is fab!…