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iPhone : Deleted my thread. BITCHES ARE REAL LIFE PYSCHO. shoutout to Sahlt for messaging me and clearing shit up personally and sending me the real screenshots. Already apologized to her. Social media is toxic asf. You can’t believe SHIT YOU SEE ON HERE. I’m sorry ☹️ once again

iPhone : They even fuck his friends to get clout too😭it’s so weird to me, a lifestyle I could never be about. It’s never that serious.…

iPhone : Worst part about being with my man is he messed with girls who weren’t use to getting clout & were basic. After he was done with them for that little moment they didn’t know how to handle having no clout anymore and so they still even a year later try to get clout off of him smh

iPhone : This year went by way too fast but I’m ready for 2020. So many new blessings in the process and on the way.

iPhone : It’s hard always trying to be strong, I always try to be positive. Then there’s days I let myself completely go and complain about everything and be super negative but I feel so much better after.

iPhone : Last time posting swim suits on my Poshmark for awhile✨posted 7 more things💘…

iPhone : Praying for the families in Santa Clarita, I’m sick to my stomach💔praying for the families of all these missing women as well, everyone please be safe.