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WH Digital : .President Trump has made it clear that we are standing up to Iran’s provocative actions against the U.S. and our allies. We will continue to apply maximum pressure on Iran until it ceases sponsoring terror and its pursuit of nuclear weapons.…

WH Digital : Met w/ my Russian counterpart Nikolay Patrushev in Jerusalem today. We and our teams covered Ukraine, arms control, Venezuela, and other issues. Looking forward to historic trilateral meeting tomorrow on Middle East regional security with our Israeli counterpart Meir Ben-Shabbat.

WH Digital : Elliott Abrams se reunió con la delegación de negociación del presidente interino @JGuaido para reafirmar nuestro apoyo a sus esfuerzos para poner fin al sufrimiento del pueblo venezolano. Solo la salida de Maduro abrirá las puertas a un futuro más brillante para #Venezuela.

WH Digital : “Sus Fuerzas Armadas… tienen rol esencial en el futuro de #Venezuela.” El Almirante Faller envía un mensaje a las Fuerzas Armadas venezolanas mientras se preparan para celebrar la #BatalladeCarabobo. #23Jun #24Jun #operaciónlibertad #fanb #EstamosUnidosVE #PromesaDuradera

WH Digital : “Your military... has an essential role in Venezuela’s future... #SOUTHCOM Commander Adm. Craig Faller sends a message to the #Venezuela military as they prepare to celebrate #BatalladeCarabobo. #23Jun #24Jun #operaciónlibertad #fanb #EstamosUnidosVE #EnduringPromise

WH Digital : America welcomes the opportunity to strengthen the already deep cooperation between the U.S. and Israel and build on our lasting partnership, demonstrated repeatedly when courage and persistence are required. (3 of 3)

WH Digital : In similar acknowledgement of the simple but profound reality that for Israel to defend itself, it cannot relinquish strategic ground along its border, the President in March, signed a proclamation recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. (2 of 3)

WH Digital : Great meetings today with Israeli PM @Netanyahu and NSA Meir Ben-Shabbat. We re-affirmed our shared priority of confronting Iranian aggression throughout the region by continuing maximum economic pressure and increasing the cost of Iran’s malign activity.

WH Digital : Nice to be back in Israel. Looking forward to meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu tomorrow & my counterparts from Israel & Russia, Meir Ben-Shabbat & Nikolay Patrushev, to discuss regional security.

WH Digital : Today's actions by the US & Govt of Canada on Nicaragua are a strong signal of our joint efforts to defend democracy & human rights in the Western Hemisphere. We're committed to working together w/ our regional partners to ensure democracy & rule of law are restored in Nicaragua.

WH Digital : Honored to tour the USNS Comfort today w/ Karen Pence. As the Comfort deploys to Latin America & the Caribbean to help address the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, it will bring along one of the largest trauma facilities in the US Navy, dozens of X-ray machines, and much more!

WH Digital : Looking forward to meetings later this week with the Foreign Minister of Armenia and the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan, to encourage continued dialogue between them. The United States stands ready to assist in advancing the cause of peace in the region.

WH Digital : Maduro’s failed policies, inability to govern, and corruption have devastated Venezuela’s economy and forced millions to flee the country. The United States will continue to stand firmly in support of ending Maduro’s repression.

WH Digital : Under the President’s directive, the USNS COMFORT will provide medical assistance, (including medical, surgical, dental, and other needed services) to help relieve pressure on regional health systems, including those countries generously hosting Venezuelan refugee and migrants.

WH Digital : We thank the men and women aboard the #USNSComfort for their dedication as they deploy today to provide care for the people of Venezuela and our partners throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

WH Digital : The Venzuelan people are suffering under the brutal and oppressive dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro. The political crisis in Venezuela has caused more than 4 million Venezuelans to leave their country and it is only getting worse.

This must end NOW. #VenezuelaLibre

WH Digital : Had a productive meeting Friday with Elizabeth Whelan on how to support her brother Paul, who is imprisoned in Russia. Russia has provided no evidence of wrongdoing.