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Android : We will be discussing the latest developments in the covid-19 response, the steps Illinois has taken to reduce the risk, the impact of #coronavirus on our healthcare industry, Mississippi's bizarre decision to reopen businesses and more. Be sure to catch the show

Android : The first federal inmate died from #coronavirus at a Louisiana prison.

▪️ The U.S. has 2.3M incarcerated people
▪️ 100+ have tested positive in NYC alone
▪️ Rikers inmates called out cramped, dirty conditions and lack of soap: You want to get away from people but you cant.

Android : If this investigation is legit, a number of powerful people should go down.

“Public servant” means you put the public first, and yourself second.…

Android : Chicago Public Schools will officially begin remote learning on April 13 — a strong indicator that classrooms will remain empty longer than the previously declared school shutdown end date of April 20

Android : SERIOUSLY? Nobody gives a sh*t about your ratings, Mr President. People are dying in their droves & the global economy is collapsing. Just focus on saving lives & jobs.…

Twitter Web App : otherworlds I totally get it for older people and those with incontinence or in senior care. But they aren't the ones hoarding it. Its young people and those living alone. They are actually making it harder for the elderly to get supplies

Twitter Web App : I hate every toilet paper hoarder out there. Stores aren't closed, what are you doing with 15 packs????

Android : Your glam squad isn't at home to check your hair between shots. C'mon folks. The show must go on. If you're gonna attack Judge Jeannine her commentary alone gives plenty of room to do it. Focus on that.

Android : As much of a critic of what Judge Jeanine spouts daily it was unfair to make fun of last night's show. Everyone knows networks and their talent are doing their best to work from home and adapt to a new normal. Teleprompters disappear, livestreams disconnect, lag happens…

Twitter Web App : We SHOULD NOT ease any stay-at-home restrictions. We don't have a vaccine. We don't have adequate testing resources, hospitals don't have materials to protect healthcare workers. Everyone must do their part. If you are a nonessential worker STAY AT HOME. #coronavirus

Android : Instacart needs to step up and give their workers the protections and pay they need and deserve. Now.…