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Android : What Zelensky, Putin, Merkel, Macron agreed on in peace talks today:

-Recommitment to ceasefire up and down front line

-3 new disengagement areas (troop withdrawals)

-Opening new civilian crossing points

-Prisoner swap

-More de-mining

Lots of work yet to do to end the war.

Android : Manafort's client, overthrown Kremlin puppet Viktor Yanukovych, and his family stole an estimated $40 billion from Ukraine:……

Twitter Web App : The conclusion of America's intelligence agencies is clear: Russia — not Ukraine — interfered in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

To suggest otherwise is to spread a conspiracy theory, propagated by Russian security services to advance Russia's interests.…

Twitter Web App : Julia Macfarlane Lovely! So Ivanka shortly after her spinning in Putins chair trip and criming in Panama and other countries w Russian mafia wanted to hire Steele an MI6 agent who was a known authority on Russia. Sounds perfectly normal

Android : Exclusive: U.S. officials systematically misled the public about the war in Afghanistan, according to internal documents obtained by The Post.

These are The Afghanistan Papers: A secret history of the war.…

Android : What is so stunning about the Afghanistan Papers is that officials have been asking the same basic questions we have all been asking for years: why are we there? What’s the goal? And for 18 years the answers given are either misleading or non-existent.

Android : In this time of fake news and disinformation don’t miss Agnieszka Holland’s heart wrenching film “Mr Jones” about the Soviet-made starvation and death of millions of Ukrainians in 1932-33 - so harrowingly described in⁩ “Red Famine” by ⁦Anne Applebaum

Android : Ted Cruz is repeating Russian talking points.

Our generation has never seen a greater risk to our democracy and our very republic than we see today.

We are witnessing some of the highest elected officials in America become willing tools for a foreign adversary.…

Android : The internet as we know it was developed by taxpayer-funded research, using taxpayer-funded grants in taxpayer-funded labs.

Our tax dollars built the internet.

It should be a public good for all, not another price-gouging profit machine for Comcast, AT&T and Verizon.

Android : Senior Advisor to the Buttigieg campaign Lis Smith was recently revealed to have ties to the German neo-Nazi party, and here she is retweeting pieces written by a dude who got caught spreading white nationalist George Soros conspiracies on facebook. lol…