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iPhone : I understand those who have another point of view on this. Obviously the folks at NBC are the real decision-makers. But if I can forgive Shane, as the guy he called a slur, I hope others can as well. I also hope Shane is open to learning. We are all human, we’re all fallible. 👍

iPhone : I think we have, as a society, become excessively punitive and vindictive concerning people’s statements and expressions we disagree with or find offensive. I don’t think people should be losing jobs unless it’s truly beyond the pale and egregious.

iPhone : But I took the time to watch and listen to Shane’s work. He does not strike me as malignant or evil. He strikes me as a still-forming comedian from central Pennsylvania who made some terrible and insensitive jokes and comments.

iPhone : It’s also the case that anti-Asian racism is particularly virulent because it’s somehow considered more acceptable. If Shane had used the n word the treatment would likely be immediate and clear.

iPhone : I’ve been called chink and gook any number of times in my life. It can be extraordinarily hurtful to feel like you are somehow not part of the only country you have ever known. I have certainly felt that - the churning sense of alienation, anger and marginalization.

iPhone : Eugene Gu, MD Thanks Eugene. I believe that people can find out about each other through this kind of dialogue. We should try to make this a teaching moment if possible. I understand and appreciate your perspective though, as there is a line to be drawn. 🙏👍

iPhone : Trump won because so many jobs were lost in the midwest. However Trump misidentified the reason why. He blamed immigrants & foreign countries for stealing our jobs with cheap labor. Jobs were lost due to the 4th Industrial Revolution (aka Ai, robots, & automation).

iPhone : We ended our Space Needle #Canvass4Yang on a high point—all 3 of us w/ positive conversations. One person even added—yelled back at us from 40 feet—“I read your thing man, he sounds pretty bad ass!” 👊😎👍#YangGang YangGangHub

iPhone : WOA: OC #YangGang showed to rep Andrew Yang with none other than the #cupidshuffle at Westminster mall, apropos because Amazon is closing 30% of malls in coming years. Heres a teaser video & pics. Full video in the works!
Day involved a Yang in the wild & a Costco lot shout out!

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iPhone : According to recent polls, I’m one of only two candidates in the Democratic field that is drawing support from 10% or more of Trump voters. That means if I’m the nominee we win. That’s just the #math. 👍😀🇺🇸

iPhone : In AARPs exclusive interview series with presidential candidates, Andrew Yang told us how he will lower drug prices. Were hoping to hear more during tonights #DemDebate.

Its time to #StopRxGreed!

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iPhone : It was a pleasure speaking this week with the top phone bankers from August. Here's the video Paget Kagy made of the conversation we all had. Please give it a watch to recognize the heroes pushing up those poll numbers, and to learn great tips! #YangGang