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Sprinklr : Get in the zone and minimize distractions with Focus mode on #Android. Now, you can set up automatic schedules, take short breaks, or end early with a few simple taps:

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Sprinklr : Live Caption is rolling out to #pixel3 and 3A πŸ“±. Now, more users can caption anything, including videos, podcasts and audio messages without wifi or data. #IDPWD

Sprinklr : Shout out to Samsung Mobile for bringing #Android accessibility features to more phones, making the world helpful for all. #IDPWD
Download Sound Amplifier:
And Live Transcribe today:

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Sprinklr : Meet Maurizio Leo, a software engineer-turned-baker. He’s the developer of SkyView and creator of theperfectloaf. Watch his #IMakeApps story and share your own β†’

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Sprinklr : Say goodbye to jumping from app to app. Ambient Mode on #Android is an intent-based way of accomplishing tasks right from your charge screen.

Twitter Web App : Starting next week, Ambient Mode is rolling out to Sony Xperia, Nokia, Transsion and Xiaomi πŸ“± and select Lenovo tablets running Android 8 or newer.

Sprinklr : Everything you need, right on your charge screen. Set your ⏰ or turn off the πŸ’‘ quickly with Ambient Mode on #Android.

Sprinklr : While your πŸ”‹ charges, Ambient Mode comes to life. Hear how it delivers a proactive Google Assistant experience to your #Android phone.

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Sprinklr : Loud, soft, and everywhere in between, Sound Amplifier helps you hear what’s important. It uses a multi-band dynamics compressor so you can easily find the audio settings that are right for you. #Android

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Sprinklr : The newest version of Sound Amplifier makes it easier to adjust sounds on your #Android πŸ“±. Software engineer Ricardo Garcia shares the latest.

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Sprinklr : Sound on to hear Sound Amplifier in action. Software engineer Ricardo Garcia demonstrates how it helps filter and amplify what you want to hear. #Android

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Sprinklr : More πŸ“± are running on #Android10! Pixel, Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro, OnePlus 7T and more, are officially bringing the latest features to the palm of your hand.

Sprinklr : No matter how you swipe it, the gesture navigation system on #Android10 is intuitive and smooth.

Sprinklr : The ultimate security for your Google accounts is in your pocket. Hear from Christiaan Brand, product manager on the security team, on how #Android helps protect you from phishers.

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Sprinklr : Ugandan developer Nazirini Siraji has created an #Android app that tackles the crop devastation in her community. Check out her story.…

Sprinklr : No matter how you navigate your #Android apps, you stay in control of what your πŸ“± has access to.

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Sprinklr : Smart reply on #Android10 goes beyond suggesting responses. Enjoy recommended actions without having to leave the notification bar.

Sprinklr : New colors, new possibilities. The enhanced color palette on #Android uses higher contrasts that make it easier to see.

Sprinklr : Google Play Points, a new rewards program for Google Play, is launching in the U.S. πŸŽ‰ Find out how to earn and redeem points for items in apps and games, get Google Play Credit, and support great causes.