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Twitter Web App : "One day soon the world will know beyond a reasonable doubt what the Manchurian President has done...And when that time comes, his heretofore enablers in the Republican Party will abandon him en masse"...

I wrote this Dec '18, pre-#WhistleblowerGate...…

iPhone : Dear Adam Schiff: log off Twitter, put the phone down, issue contempt citations and then start having the Sergeant at Arms throw these bums in that Congressional jail. Yeah, I know that’s never really been done before, but we’ve never really had this shit before either...…

iPhone : .#GordonSondland should immediately resign and reschedule his testimony and try to salvage whatever he can of his reputation and legacy... #Trump #Whistleblower #Ukraine

iPhone : Dems: ‘We want the documents. If you don’t give them we’ll subpoena. We want you to testify. If you don’t, we’ll hold you in contempt. If you still withhold documents & refuse to testify, we’ll get mad. And even madder.’

Time for Plan B?

iPhone : Donald J. Trump You...

*ignore subpoenas
*won’t provide documents
*won’t testify
*won’t let anyone else testify
*obstruct investigations
*attack the credibility of witnesses
*threaten witnesses
*abuse power

...because, ya know, you’re innocent...
#Trump #Whistleblower

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump BULLSHIT: Save this crap for your rapidly-declining brainwashed base. The reason you won't let #GordonSondland or ANYONE testify is because you know you're guilty as fuck and that they'd give evidence of your HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS... #Trump #WhistleblowerGate #Ukraine

iPhone : Donald J. Trump You’re a weak feckless COWARD who can’t stop kissing the ass of foreign strongmen & oppressive dictators. You COWARDLY sold out the Kurds and you gave a huge win to #ISIS, #Turkey, #Iran, #Syria and #Russia at the expense of American national security. You’re a traitor. #Trump

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump Erdogan is a corrupt, oppressive dictator-wannabe. Like Kim, Putin, MBS etc, you love sucking up to foreign strongmen...because you're a weak, feckless COWARD who desperately wants to be a tough guy... #Trump

Twitter Web App : Dear Donald J. Trump: your continued obstruction in this incriminating cover-up makes one thing very clear: you are guilty as fuck of everything you're accused of... #Trump #Whistleblower #Ukraine #impeach…

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump Your day, every day: wake up angry, miserable and insecure. Find someone to attack on Twitter. Then do it again, and again. Desperately try to feel good by hurting others. Because you're a sick twisted maggot-infested wretch of a soul... #Trump

iPhone : BREAKING: US Ambassador to the European Union, #GordonSondland, ordered by Secretary Pompeo and State Dept not to testify today before 3 House Committees. The cover-up continues. Ya know, because they’re all innocent and did nothing wrong... #Trump #Pompeo #Whistleblower

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump 'Hi, my name is Donald #Trump. I suffer from crippling insecurities & self-loathing. Bc I hate myself so much & know I'm illegitimate, incompetent & corrupt, I crave constant attention, credit, praise & validation. So I spend all day RT'ing ppl who say nice things abt me. SAD!'

Twitter Web App : Dear #Trump'sters: He says:

*every investigation is a "witch hunt"
*"deep state" of #Obama ppl conspiring against him
*media is "fake news"
*intel community is lying
*FBI is lying
*Dems / House are lying
*everyone but him is lying

He clearly thinks you're all morons. Are you?

iPhone : Good morning Donald J. Trump! This is bad. Really bad. And it’s getting much worse. You’re losing the public. Dems, Repubs & independents. And when you lose the public you’re gonna lose McConnell. And when you lose McConnell, it’s over. Get’s coming soon...#Trump…

iPhone : BREAKING: DEVASTATING new poll for Donald J. Trump. Worst news?57% of indeps want him impeached, 49% removed; 30% of Repubs want him impeached, 20% removed. And it’s just the 1st inning. These are the kind of #s that will eventually make Leader McConnell dump #Trump. It’s over...…