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iPhone : Our education system needs a reset button. What we are doing is not working!! #kidsfirst #education #sc112 #REFORM #tabw I am the only candidate in Mount Pleasant who can do it!!…

iPhone : Met with local transportation leaders. They laid out what America could have built with the $1.6 trillion given to the wealthiest in the #GOPTaxScam β€” everywhere we could have built: modern schools, green grid, and high speed rail. That’d connect the disconnected and create jobs.

iPhone : I despise Donald Trump!

I despise Donald Trump Jr!

I despise Ivanka Trump!

I despise Eric Trump!

I despise Jared Kushner!

I despise Melania Trump!

They are ALL corrupt, dishonest, greedy, hypocritical, fraudulent, selfish, bigoted & totally lacking of compassion for others.

iPhone : Donald J. Trump

Praised a congressman who attacked a journalist

After his Saudi pal tortured and murdered a journalist

And he falsely claimed women and children fleeing rape, slavery and death are criminals

REAL NEWS: The GOP ain't the law & order party


iPhone : This artist rocks! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
It’s art & humor that get us through these difficult times! And of course your blue vote!!!
Thank you to all the wonderfully creative folks in the Resistance! You make every day alittle more bearable!

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iPhone : There are many people in our society who don’t have the luxury to give up, & the rest of us owe it to them, & ourselves, to try to find a way to come together. #ExtendtTrust where you would like to receive trust in return.

We can do this. #OpenYourMind…

iPhone : #MorningVibe

Consider using isolation as time spent for rest, reinvigoration, & personal growth. Isolation can then not only empower you, but it can allow you to return to your work & your relationships restored and ready for life. #DailyOm


iPhone : Puerto Ricans dont live in another country. We live in America. -- Rosie Perez & Rita Moreno. Made in partnership with Voz Boricua.

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iPhone : Happy Friday, #Voters!
Check a week of mail-in #RegistrationDeadlines!

19, Fri: #NE
20, Sat: <none>
21, Sun: <none>
22, Mon: #AL, #CA, #SD, #WY
23, Tue: <none>
24, Wed: <none>
25, Thu: <none>

Be ready to #BuildTheWave!


iPhone : #FridayFeeIing

I’m no longer sure what kind of world we’re trying to create, but I just want more of this.…

iPhone : Following the political circus can be exhausting & depressing.

That’s 1 reason why we made our revolutionary album of hilarious & thought provoking protest music.

Take an hour & listen. Hopefully it will make you smile & tap your feet.


iPhone : Donald J. Trump 🐴 Montanans: Even the Dude knows whos the BEST ↓ & he asks that you get out & VOTE‼️ πŸ—³Nov6

Montana Election Information⇒

#mtpol #mtsen #AnotherDudeForTester #TesterTime

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