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✨Blueberry Gremlin Modo✨

Bio Furry Artist, She/They. 18+ posts, Warning, Feels! KINGDOM HEARTS AND UNDERTALE TRASH my hubbies @Azurerayet💜 and @Castarts 🧡
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Twitter Web App : Getting Ready for that Bath

Philo owned by me

Artwork by the always wonderful and lovely: ✨Blueberry Gremlin Modo✨

I really cant get over how wonderful she nailed my Roman emperor boy! Thank you so much, I couldnt be happier!

Ive got one more in this set~

Twitter for iPad : Henlo.. I was up at 9, but fell back to sleep. How are you doing on this munday?

Also, I agree with my hair stylist, there should be a day between Sunday and Monday thats a half work day to ease us back into the week. Lol

Twitter Web App : ✦Keeko✦ Feline Hashira Nah its not that, I genuinely loved drawing and its heartbreaking to see myself fall, the numbers never really mattered to me, it was the feel of losing myself in the art and having little adventures. Sharing those was just the cherry on top of the cake for me

Twitter for iPad : It all feels weighted all the time, and I don’t know how to proceed, every time I start to draw it’s honestly a 50/50 if I’ll fall into depression or have fun.

Same goes for if people draw for me, I am thankful, but chances are I’ll just fuckin fall into depression.