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Twitter Web App : Hen Mazzig I’m sorry this happened to you but sadly this is nothing new. As a Jewish Zionist it was not great nearly a decade ago and it has only gotten worse. I stopped donating to the school over third consistent antisemitism.

Twitter Web App : 🇺🇸🏉 Veterans Day D1A Rugby Exclusive 🇺🇸🏉
Thank You for all those who have, and will serve

By: Brett Anker Brett Anker

Twitter Web App : chad I have in fact not punched a wall. But I do think the correlation between wall
Punching and female attracted to them is exponential

Twitter Web App : chad did you get checked out, had several concussions from rugby and was told not to go to sleep right away....

Twitter Web App : The #PennMutualCRC is loved by players and fans alike, and is a memorable experience year after year. #RugbyIsLife…

Twitter Web App : Alyssa Schoener This is just infuriating to the nice single guys that would never cheat and who are playing a numbers game already and never getting a shot.

Twitter Web App : chad Friends of friends? Old fashion way would be a bar but that sucks also. The apps suck but they seem to be the only way these days. I’ve been off them 6 months and have zero dates 😝😝😝

Twitter Web App : chad So is this all just a brand play do you literally share every thought you have. Haven’t quite figured it out....

Twitter Web App : Pardes Seleh Could it also be that many people who live there work a million hours for little pay trying to make it in government?