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iPhone : “There is absolutely no evidence that economic anxiety elected Donald Trump” and that racism did. This is a really interesting talk about culture vs cultural power, among other things.…

iPhone : Amy Berryman Because there is the strong belief in the Trump camp that Bernie would be slaughtered by Trump, and that having a socialist candidate for the Democrats would mobilize Trump’s base
Also because Bernie and the DNC have bad blood and it’s destabilizing to the electoral process

iPhone : Sometimes I get emails from non-scary people, and/but for some inexplicable reason, I am too scared to open or read them; they sit in my inbox for weeks, becoming scarier and scarier. This is a normal response to modern life, right?

iPhone : Kiese Laymon literally wrote the book on the savage inequality, violence, and racism at the heart of the American experience, and if he’s on board for Elizabeth Warren, that’s an endorsement I’m taking profoundly seriously. Cause he’s real smart.…

iPhone : “I’ve spent most of my life having inconsequential relationships and endowing them with consequence.”—my 70 year old coworker, discussing her romantic history and trying to make me dead from pathos

iPhone : According to a Hollywood Reporter roundtable interview, Lulu Wang was about to quit the film industry and do an internship at This American Life when the producers for The Farewell came through. Because doing her piece on TAL was more fulfilling than film had ever been.

iPhone : Every time Twitter shows me some random reply from a person I follow to a person I don’t, I feel like I’ve approached a room whose door is open just a crack and stopped to listen to the private conversation happening inside as a stream of light slices the dark hallway in two.

Twitter Web App : "I think Rod's a tough guy, I also happen to think he's a nice guy, but he's in this horrible position where he's really sorta gotta be nice."--the current president of the United States discussing Rod Blogojevich on a reality tv show, ten years ago…

iPhone : a random internet research wormhole just alerted me that it is possible for the human tongue to grow black hairs, and now I need to go back to sleep and pretend that consciousness not does exist

iPhone : It is completely bizarre that the New York Times officially endorsed Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren and then proceedes to cover all aspects of the election as if they are part of the Pete Buttigieg get out the vote initiative.