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Bio #Resist LOVE animals and our planet...humans dont understand that there is NO planet B. 😔 voice for the voiceless too.
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Android : New Sixth Circuit opinion: court rejects qualified immunity for a Michigan police officer who walked into the wrong house without a warrant and shot a dog after it started growling at him opn.ca6.uscourts.gov/opinions.pdf/1…

Android : Hours after the United States government filed a lawsuit seeking to punish the publication of my new memoir, #PermanentRecord, the very book the government does not want you to read just became the #1 best-selling book in the world. It is available wherever fine books are sold.

Android : New moms and dads have enough things to worry about - making ends meet shouldn’t be one of them. With more money and guaranteed paid family leave for all new parents, we’ll take steps to make that a reality.

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Android : Amy McGrath Yes, everyone deserves a living wage, but only Moscow Mitch knows how to fleece the system and he’s been doing it for 34 years in Kentucky and Washington...Mitch got rich, but what did you get Kentuckians... Ditch, you know who in 2020.
Amy McGrath for Kentucky!

Android : NEW: Ever since the Cohen bombshell, Trump has been laying out five lines of defense to his new campaign finance legal exposure. We explain what they are —and demolish them all. He is in big trouble! CNN Opinion. cnn.com/2018/12/12/opi…

Android : The crowd at President Trump's rally in Rio Rancho is growing restless. When "Hey Jude" came on for the second time, there was a collective groan. For the record, I have listened to it hundreds of times at these rallies and have never groaned.

Android : It’s now clear why the GOP didn’t want Berke to question Lewandowski, who unraveled into acknowledging lies and half truths. Lewandowski was the smarmy witness in a trial who the jury sees straight through. twitter.com/joycewhitevanc…

Android : The Saudis do not deserve our support. Why should our military men & women be put in harm's way for the nation that flew planes into our twin towers, killing thousands of Americans? twitter.com/Shannon_Resist…

Android : Lewandowski, dripping with disdain, all but admits he lied during media interviews, prompting the audience to gasp at his brazenness. Hard to believe this guy is considering a run for US Senate.

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