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Android : Self-care

Giving what we can to help our friends is impossible if were tattered at the ends. Pouring from a cup thats barely filled is not the way to feel at all fulfilled. You need some time to rest and to recharge, otherwise the weight becomes too large

Android : Sea Soul
How soothing and refreshing is the sea? It sloughs my cares away from me. That gentle roar that sussurates along the shore, it caresses as it heals. Do you know how that feels? If not, I wish the same for you, to soar with gulls through skies of purest blue

Android : Positive focus
If fifty people offer consolation, or play their part in generous celebration, ignore the spite or pettiness of the few. They clearly have nothing else to do. Focus on the kindness if you can, it constitutes a healthier life plan.

Android : Some new things on my etsy shop, Star Wars, Greenman, Sloth bags and bookmarks. Retweets from friends gratefully received

Android : You

You dont need fame or wealth to give you meaning, or medals round your neck, golden and gleaming. It doesnt matter how you look or speak, or whether you can scale the highest peak. That you are here at all is quite enough, a miracle without that other stuff.