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Android : Fly
Our minds too often hold us back, they keep us on a safer track. That walls too high, that goals too far, it cant be done, youre under par. A thousand messages a day designed to keep your best at bay. But you can do it, its in your reach thats what we must try to teach

Android : Love

Connected all around and high above, the thing that binds us all is surely love. Compassion, empathy, and general care are the most important things we share. Kids in cages, people on the street, while this occurs well never be complete

Android : The pain

I know it hurts, it eviscerates your brain, and on your heart its left a bitter stain, but it wont get the best of you. I know it, and you know it too. That spark inside will never be put out, it will grow and spread light all about.

Android : Keep on

Keep telling people that they ARE enough, forget the nonsense and the pointless stuff. You are a force for good, its not to late, the ripples you send out are truly great. The message not the medium is key, become the person you were meant to be

Android : Perfect
Perfection is a curse, theres nothing worse for our well-being. We really should be fleeing this unnatural goal, it harms the soul, it leaves a gaping hole we cannot fill. It even makes us ill, I know Ive had my fill... kinks and breaks and flaws these are natures laws

Android : When I was young we didnt have a lot of money, so I recall the amazement and excitement when my dad said I could have a Star Wars action figure. I chose Chewie. Are you sure boy that weird monkey thing? He died on xmas eve not too long after. Hug your dad for me

Some new things up on the etsy site, if youd like something for Christmas please order before the 12th. Thank you!

Android : Best friend
Be your own best friend, youll thank me in the end, that much I guarantee. Why say things to yourself you wouldnt say to me? You have a choice to quell that inner voice and be more gentle. That is fundamental. Its all on you, treat yourself as youd like others to.

Android : Rise

We all fall down, life sometimes gets too much, but dont give in, reach out and get in touch. The clouds will form, but then theyll drift away, just take stock, youve made it through the day. There are lows and there are highs but no matter what youll go ahead and rise