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Twitter Web App : D. Magic Yes, it's appropriate! She can't help how she's built. Her body would look the same in a suit, floor length dress or pants.
The problem is the hater who posted her picture with the (insecure) intent to body shame her. I have a large behind and anyone who'd do this can kiss it.

Twitter Web App : Diamond I don't get it.. forgive what if nothing was wrong to begin with...

Twitter Web App : Diamond Depends on how deep my feelings are and what the issue is. I can not give a flying f***, or be very upset.

Twitter Web App : Diamond I agree. I get misunderstood a lot, that’s why I love using emojis. It’s also difficult to tell if someone is lying via text since you can’t look at them in the eyes or read their body language.

Twitter Web App : I have zero tolerance for rudeness and disrespectful comments. So I require clarity.
Bc their comment could've sounded funny in their head 🤷‍♀️

Twitter Web App : Diamond I think you're right. For someone like me who is sarcastic without trying. the come very much in handy.😀🙃😜

Twitter Web App : It can be difficult to differentiate humor from sarcasm or sarcasm from rudeness via text (especially on social media platforms)

I think that's why emojis were created so we know whether to laugh with someone, at someone, or to cuss their a** out for being disrespectful! pic.twitter.com/WkgqLstSi9