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iPhone : I wonder why the page this Facebook post links to (to watch the full video) has been deleted from the Palladium website🤔Its a *mystery* Amy Remeikis

URL is Australias-Foreign-Minister-Julie-Bishop-commends-Shared-Value-and-Palladiums-Business-Partnership-Platform

iPhone : Scarce govt. resources should be targeted towards the programs that are needed and actually work, not this dangerous wishful thinking.

This is a bad, bad “solution”, that will only serve to keep women in unsafe situations for longer.

iPhone : This govt. funded couples counselling for DV is something you’d dream up if you thought divorce were the real social evil, not the actual violence.

iPhone : Good relationships are about mutual human thriving. It is intrinsically impossible to counsel towards a better relationship when abuse also exists and remains unaddressed, because the two are anathema to each other.

iPhone : I also suspect that, like most angry women in our culture, I would have come across as particularly unsympathetic, especially next to my ex who was genuinely engaging in the process, and delving deeply into his own emotional wounding.

iPhone : And all of this meant that our sessions were often not very productive, as I was incredibly angry at what had happened to me and my daughter, that I was being asked (but refused) to share responsibility in, and therefore didn’t engage well in the process.

iPhone : One of my preconditions to returning home the first time was that my ex do anger management counselling, alongside our r-counselling

Our RC talked us out of it, as it would cause him to suppress his emotions, and healing our attachment issues would lead to more lasting change

iPhone : What was particularly dangerous relationship counselling theory in IPV situations was the idea that we both had a responsibility to regulate each other emotionally.

iPhone : And instead our session drifted into understanding and de-escalating our negative cycles that led to conflict, and healing our respective attachment issues.

iPhone : Important things my ex should have heard from our relationship counsellor in the aftermath of IPV, but didn’t:
-What you did was unacceptable & wrong
-You are not the “real victim” here
-Your actions are your responsibility, not hers
-If you do it again,there will be consequences…

iPhone : I just argued my constitutional right to hold an employment position despite holding views contrary to said position. So how is your day going?

iPhone : Four French journalists have been arrested and charged with trespassing while covering a protest against Adani's Carmichael coal mine in northern Queensland.

iPhone : Mathias Cormann genuinely flustered when asked if he could live on the $40 a day #Newstart payment. Refuses to answer, saying “that is not the question” (except it was) #auspol