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Bio Cryptoparty founder. Journo. Amnesty award winner. Hackccident-prone.
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iPhone : "Installing malware on people’s devices to read encrypted data is not a solution to catching criminals but it is weakening the defences of every single device that receives encrypted messages, therefore making it easier for criminals who want to steal.."…

iPhone : Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has declared a 12-month state of emergency as requested by the region of Liguria after at least 39 people died following the collapse of a motorway bridge in Genoa

iPhone : Can hackers tamper with your vote? Researchers show it’s possible in nearly 30 states and almost none of those states will change their plans…

iPhone : Hey BSides Perth , congrats on being the first cybersec conference in perth! Hey UWA try fact checking your press releases in future k?…

Yours sincerely, WAHCKon: Perth's first cybersec conference

iPhone : My gmother and her 2 bros were the only survivors of 13 siblings. Losses in my maternal fam alone were 30+. Auschwitz, Treblink, Majdanek, labour camps. The words ‘final solution’ strike fear into every single Jewish heart, not only for us, but for anyone who is ‘other’.…

iPhone : When people are fearful, angry or confused, she observes, they are tempted to give away freedoms to leaders promising order

iPhone : I believe this is the space my keys fell into this morning as I was leaving the house to get the kids to daycare and me to work.

It looks an awful lot like the space between a cement block step and a house foundation.…

iPhone : “There is an underbelly of racism in this country, of ignorance, and of fear” Senator Pat Dodson responds to maiden senate speech by Senator Anning. #TheProjectTV

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iPhone : The best part about helping run DEFCON VotingVillage is having voting vendors suggest I’m a threat to national security at the sane time a small army of Twitter activists is accusing me of shilling for voting vendors. And my foot is swollen and bruised.

But it was all worth it.

iPhone : Re-up: @chiefpentspox is under investigation for allegedly forcing staff to run personal errands and firing underlings who reported it. Such behavior is highlighted in the Pentagon's annual "Encylopedia of Ethical Failure."… via @ckubenbc

iPhone : NBC traces Qanon back to 3 people who sparked the initial conversations that attracted followers, whom they then used as a grift to get money for Qanon research.

The most damning evidence? Logging in as Q during a livestream…